How to use Multiple Clash of Clan Account on iPhone/iPad using Game Center

How to use Multiple Clash of Clan Account on iPhone/iPad using Game Center
Video Tutorial on how to use Multiple Clash of Clan Account on iPhone/iPad using Game Center. Switch accounts by login in to different game center accounts.

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With these 8 Easy to Follow Steps, you'll be playing with two Clash of Clans accounts in no time. If you guys have any difficulties at all, comment them and i'll answer them all :) Like & Subscribe


  • Jeremy Berman
  • Vanz Ambid
    How to play my google account in coc to ipad?
    Can I change back to original account
  • Huzaifa Hameed
    I love this video
  • PopulerMineGamer 123
    Omg it works thx so so much I sub and like
  • Awesh Ahmad
    My coc. Account is connect to Game Center but my town hall was 9 level how to transfer in any android mobile how?
  • X.Future 024
    What's the password
  • Christhechamp1001
    u cannot make a new account like this only link an existing one so it does not work for the majority of us
  • Syed Sufiyan Ali
  • Jayden Sng
    my coc account is sigin with game center but i need 1 more account on the same device n the other account is gmail account so hw can i do that to my ios account pllz help anybody hu knows..?
  • Vim Clyde Tan
    pakiyes po ung prompt
  • Kaka Nguyen
    Wats the password
  • Rishabh 525
    garib teri id nahi clae maar ja
  • XxTheLast SnakexX
    You Pinoy Right if you not understand To Filipino:pwede bang gawin Gmail account to gmail account yun? Kasi puro gmail account to?
  • XxTheLast SnakexX
    Hey Pinoy you can Multiply account? Gmail account to gmail account?
  • christopher ramos
    I want to use my google coc account on ios how?
  • Clash of Clans hacker
    Give me account and Wp plz
  • Kingparty22
    When ever I log in it says do you want to go onto this account which has a level three town hall and it's so annoying because that my phone account and I have same iCloud is that the reason why I can't link my iPhone account to my iPad account which is better
  • Mamad Hussein
    We have to make eny apple id in game senter or we have to make real apple id ????
  • Akhmad Bilal
    how i can change the account with new account (android to ios)
    is that possible to do? i tried everything i can but doesn work, pls reply
  • Maple Blackops2
    Switch apple accounts guys
  • King Pekka
    Bro I just wanted to play a new I'd with new Game Center but old Id doesn't go
  • King Pekka
  • Param Singh
    I have two ids but when i switch my ids the prev village shows up , first two or three times it worked but now the load up option doesn't pops up , please help😓
  • Alim aulia
    its not work
  • Harsh Mundhva
    not working ,i chang id but my village is old shown
  • Glitch Void
    Thank you! This helped a lot, I've been getting frustrated by it but you showed me how do do it! It works and I appreciate you for it. :)
  • Mostafa Norouzi
  • Luap johanne Labial
    ayaw lumabas ung pop up sa akin, pano po?
  • Jazz Carter
    Even I changed my game centre account but nothing is change same game is showing on both accounts so help me
  • Thupten Dorji
    It loads the same account, does it work on iOS 10
  • Abdulrahman The gamer
    Can i just sign in with game center then to Get my other one sign out?
  • Sharkbait 1077
    Thx your the best sooo worried
  • lester m
    i followed this on ipad changing gc account and still loading the same
  • Sharkbait 1077
    Will you get your old village back ?
  • Raven
    Hi, i have a sort of other problem , i have 2 accounts on 1 game center , 1 is th10 and the second one is th5, at a moment i had to delete the app for a update that did not work on my phone, now i have got a new phone i downloaded again , i startend the game up and starters play But with a new account. I thought my th10 account Will pump up Every moment But it did not so now i'm stuck with this new account thats now already th5 like I already Saïd But is still wonder where my th10 account is? Do you know , i hope you understand this and sorry for my englisch
  • Finesse Master
    Hey how'd you get your phone to show on the screen ?
  • Kadogs Marshall
    I have a iOS 6 with a town hall 8 and I used the same Game Center acount for my iOS 9 account. I'm having trouble! HELP
  • Agario Virus
    When I tryed to get to my orriginal account it didn't work
  • XtremeGamer
    Doesn't work
  • brendz berdida
    Hey! bro... ive done already signt out my old apple id then sign in the new one but my village still in the old village didnt comes up a new village
  • Seth McMasters
    Does this work still? It says it will delete the current progress is that true?
  • Ghaile Cy
    I want to make new Coc account , but my old village still show up. I've also sign in a new game center . Can u help me with this problem?
  • Erin Santa Cruz
    Nice!!! Thank you👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • Khalid Mubarak
    Guys I have a problem this load village didn't show up to me I still can't get to my other account
  • Dadio
    I do the exact same step but that load options dose not show up
    I did make the other account on another mobile but don't have it anymore so can not use it please help me
  • The Boy
    Could you make a tutorial on how to make another gamecenter?
  • Orlando Carrasquel
    I tried and got the same old village, this doesnt Work to Make a new one?
  • Ninjaking
    Look who got a new sub
  • TheMCGamer708
    The th8 one