Top 10 Best Android Fighting Games

Top 10 Best Android Fighting Games
Ranking of the best fighting mobile games for your Android smartphone and tablet. These are the top-rated arcade fighting titles currently available on the Google Play Store. You may get these games by clicking the links below:

Injustice 2
Punch Club
Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Shadow Fight 2
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
WWE Immortals

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  • Dipper Gravity falls
    mortal kombat x offline?
    Can you play Injustice 2 offline?
  • Moa Smith
    shadow fight 2...damn awesome game
  • Mister Bounds
    Thanks ❗ How come King Of Fighters 2012 A didn't make your runner-up list at least ❓
  • Alexander Chernyakov
    Did you see new arcade "Ouchy Bird"? Hardest ever. Try it.
  • Jaivardhan Deshwal
    After 2-3 days playing shadow fight 2 i could barely buy any stuff and the grinding is painful----gems are your worst enemies

    PAY to WIN on a whole different level
  • The AndroGamer
    From which app do u edit ur vids
  • Manasvi Sharma
    Shadow fight 3 will really blow play store when it releases. It's beta is so damn awesome.
  • KotKtoryChodziłPoGłowieAdama
  • Jayson 233
    Best top ten games channel byfar
  • kestar poppz
    Mortal Kombat x is in 1st
  • Ahmed Rasheed
    What is offline from dis list?
  • [218] ChibiRainbow GT
    Haven’t watched yet but if Skullgirls is on here I will rage
  • Ifeanyi Onyeulo
    I really love Food Haste
  • Adham Hazem
    Please best new 10 games to play station 3
  • WeEeDeE
    Shadow fight is good but booses arent balanced
  • jisu sen
    Thank for accpect my request
  • Wut Wut
    Im glad skullgirla was a honorable mention...btw I recomend it its gud but the bad part about it is that it needs wifi to be played
  • Veena Shetty
    Thnx Whatoplay Luv Ya!
  • The Tip Teller
    I thought you missed shadow fight 2
  • Puzzle Master
    Try "Flip Me - Puzzle" it's a fun puzzle game
  • ADIL Shah
    Can u do this for pc too
  • TeaBAGG3000
    Still no Smash Supreme? What kinda list is this?
  • LØ GAN
    Best sports games next please
  • Gnar Gnar!
    Yay shadow fight is in list
  • David Bradley
    injustice 1 and 2 on every platform was so boring

    Saying the TRUTH !
  • Matheus Santos
    request: best metroidvania games!
  • DannyD DroidGamer
    I just realized his channel name is what-o-play not what-o-play LMAO
  • Benjamin GameCube
    Lex Luthor isn't in Injustice 2
  • bonifacio_kid
    Ohmg. I want to play shadow fight, I think its not too late to try this game.
  • Caesar Sihombing
    endless runner next week?
  • Amit Das
    Injustice 1 is way better than Injustice 2......................
  • Caesar Sihombing
    wow thankyou so much whatoplay
  • Marvel Gamer
    Why is marvel contest of champions not in top 10?
  • Chris Carbine
    Shadow Fight!!! Love it. Didn't think it would be number one, but it's the only game on the list I can't get enough of. Seeing all the other games looking all shiny made me think twice, but I definitely would have shouted it out either way as my personal fav. Had no idea it was top dog! Awesome.
    Only because tekken came out smg
  • Ernesto Nd Anabel Sanchez
    Injustice 2 doesn't have lex Luther.!?
  • JacobixxGamer
    ¿injustice 1?
  • Eswaran Angevillian
    Why not Marvel Contest of Champions in the list?
  • Lord Pizza The Great
    Shadow fight 2 special edition is the best. The original really is pay to win.