Iphone 4 is Garbage | Impossible to play Clash of Clans

Iphone 4 is Garbage | Impossible to play Clash of Clans
So I made this video because the Iphone 4 is garbage. Clash plays terrible, facebook is irrelevant, and all that the phone is worth is for texting and calls. The goal of Apple is to get you to buy their new products! Thanks for watching and please subscribe! 

Halo Okraheads at your service! The name comes from Halo (which is my favorite game) and Okraheads which was a name my brothers and I created. It can be used in positive way or negative. "Hey, what's up Okrahead" or "They are a bunch of Okraheads." Not sure how we starting saying Okra but it just happened. That's a bunch of Okra! Then it turned into Okrahead. 

Anyways, I am from Virginia, USA and lover of Clash. My channel is different than most because I don't have max heroes or max TH10 base. I am slowly working my way and I'm just an average guy playing this game. We will be playing together and learning as we go along. Looking forward to the journey!

Thanks to Lindsay Robinson (lindsayrobinson.com) for letting me use her Spartans Crossing the Delaware pic! 

Woo hoo,
Halo Okraheads

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  • Drowzy
    Just get a friking Samsung
  • Samuel Gaspar
  • Recep Taha Koy
    Nediyo lan bu
  • Samuel Gaspar
    My iphone 4 does not do that at all dumd ass shit.l.
  • Younis Alnajafi
    Hahaha shut up kathrny iphone 4 is crap
  • Misterslime Gaming
    Maybe your a piece of junk atleast you have a phone
  • Izzat Hakim
    shut the fuck up
  • marc anthony
    all iphones are junk. They spend the majority of their $$$ on marketing and suing other companies to hold up development until it is too late to release. rottenapple want all phones to be as basic as the cryphone. Side by side comparisons left me saying," yphone?" why would i purchase a phone for that price when there are 6 or 7 devices that give you alot more for less $$$. Im not overpaying for garbage from a company that holds the hold industry back by spending more time and $$$ in the courts as opposed to spending that $$$ on research and development. Im not overpaying for something so i can say," my iphone". In my opinion it is a starter phone because its basic and lacks functionality and is basically void of inovation. apple is an atrocity and a crime against humanity.
  • Silent Warrior
    im going to have iphone 4s thank god its lagging on your phone because your ios version is old i think
  • Kathryn Hester
    Be thankful you have a phone and your just overreacting a little bit and it's runs iOS 5.0-7.0 so it's very old
  • JokerBass
    iPhone 4s is alot better
  • Clash With Mido
    Do you trade me the coc account for a gta 5 modded account
  • Pum Labber
    Nice video bro, i love it, i sub your channel, can you sub back bro 3>