Disassembly Of YU YUPHORIA

Disassembly Of YU YUPHORIA
Welcome to Tech Soultions and Today I wil be going to tare down the YU YUPHORIA 

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  • Abdul Wahab
    i broke one of the three connectors that connect to the battery. do you know what i should do? Also when i start the camera it says cannot connect to camera.
  • Amit verma
    sbte phla fddu na bnave vere. ya upr vibration motor thi. aur wa htae bina na dlle motherboard waps hahahaha first learn then tech
  • Technical Chacha ji
    motherboard mill sakta h kya iska??
  • Rakesh Prasad Gupta
    My yuphria phone is Dead ...when I power on my phone only yu Logo is appearing it is not starting at all can you please just help what to do ... I've repaired phone one month ago only,😗😐 please please help me
  • manikanta madduri
    Power button problem open how
  • Gokul Thakulla
    how to solve mobile shorting yuphoria
  • Sachin Kashyap
    When i was disassembling my YU5010 something broke down . That two pins near sensor that u highlighted in video ( u told that u r not sure whether its for wifi or sim signal ) . if i paste them again will they work . Can u confirm about that.
  • DJ Prince kumar tarwan
    bhi iska disply tuch kitna ka milta hai
  • kiran kumar
    hi sir i need volume flex cable to replace it can u please tell where it will be
  • Vijaychanthru Chanthru
    my phone is yu5010. My phone dead mode .only visible YU logo simple . Then i goes to service centre . they ask to reset mode, OS software wound not accepted ,.what can i do this my phone? what complaint for this?
  • all about tech
    my headphone jack is not working properly the right one is working but left side is giving crack voice I change my headphone but its not any kind of fault in headphones please tell me how I change or remove this problem pls help man
  • Karuna Kulkarni
    its really good my frnd, tqs for uploading video.
  • Vijaychanthru Chanthru
    Hello sir, my phone is yu5010 only visible yuphoria logo.i can't see home screen. how to solve this problem
  • Nageswararao Namburi
    hii recently I disassembled my yuphoria while on reassemble "I lost my one of the pin which was located on side of the light sensor" am I find it any where or am I use any substitute
    plz help me
  • shreyash wasnik
    bro can uh tell me where to get a yuphoria 5010 motherboard in less than RS 1200 ... plz help URGENT!
  • Neeraj Rajput
    hi Bhai mere yuphoriya 5010a me Jio ke signal kam aate hai aur airtel idea .me full network aate hai help me please
  • pranjal dalal
    my yuphoria's primary cam is damaged please make a video aboit it too
  • Vimal Tarsariya
    Sir, mere pas yuphoria phone hai
    Jo internal memory load nahi kar rahai or phone abhi dead hai
    To mujhe main mother board change karna hai

    Uski cost kya rahengi ?
  • Ashish Kumar
    Make video on changing touch only
  • Anirvan Mundekar
    my phone is not charging

    I have tried by changing usb socket but the problem is still the same

    where I can buy that green chip and what it's name?
  • Anirvan Mundekar
    my charging socket area is lose connecting (the shop man told me to buy that lower green "speaker side" chip)so where I can buy it
  • Saheb Roy
    mera mobile may charge nahi raheta hai..or charge jab 25%/30% hota hai tar mera mobile shattdown ho Jata hai..Kis ka problem hai plzz bolo
  • Saheb Roy
    bohut din se a problem ho raha hai..charge 20% jab hota hai mobile shattdown ho Jata hai...charge nahi raheta hai..jaldi khatam ho Jata hai..kis chis ka problem hai bolo plzz
  • Saheb Roy
    my yuphoria problem charge 20% mobile shattdown...which problem my mobile plzz help me..charge jaldi khatam ho raha hai..or jab charge 20% ho Jata hai to mobile off ho jati hai..Kis waja se a problem ho raha hai plzz bolo help me
  • Vyshakh PV
    What antena is that at 05:43 ??? Wifi or Cellular?
    While teardown, I broke it. Both of them.
  • Avinash Paswan
    full charging at 8:00 o,clock
  • Avinash Paswan
    my phone charging problems
  • Hrithik Smarty
    Is the Display Combo? LCD+Touch or We can replace only touch!
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  • Mbs Yaswanth
    hello, while i was disassambling my yuphoria, the proximity sensor is out(it detached from mother board ). please help me fix it!!
  • Sourav Dutta
    mother board ka screw lagana vul gaye
  • mera panjab
    bro mera tach pad tut gya hai
  • rakan khan
    bro did you attached the two antina cable to mother board
  • Sai Lakki
    Where are the emergency download points
  • ashish patel
    good video,at least we r able to see the inner part of yuphoria through this video....!
  • Himanshu Kumar
    madhar thakana ta aupi
  • aniket kumar
    touch is not working in yuphoria. will it be fixed after reinstalling
    os? it started not working properly after service center installed os ,
    now they are saying you need to spend 3000 to get it fixed.
  • ÂSHôK RèddY
    Can u provide solution for hard bricked yu yuphoria device
  • vicky smart
    guys internet very slow how problem , pls help me
  • Abhishek Punia
    my motherboard of yu yuphoria is dead where i can buy new one ..service center guy is asking 3500 for it .
  • Mr. Pal
    my yhuphoria left side touch didn't work properly.....
  • Santosh Aher
    Can you please show how to replace only digitizer and not the lcd. or can you send me the steps how it can be done.
  • Sarvesh Gothivarekar
    screen is not lighting up though i can touch and feel the vibration phone is working,but display is not lighing up..which connector i messed up?
  • aftab malvi
    bro could you plz just tell me which side was the black antenna cable was plugged on the main pcb? i am guessing it was plugged on the outer side on the pcd i.e near the border and the the grey one was plugged inside i.e along side the battery connector? (Update: Though now i figured out the correct location i still wanna make sure just in case) waiting for the rply :)
  • Ritwik Rath
    After warranty repair, my Yuphoria is facing weak network signals. It is very low or none for SIMs such as BSNL, Airtel, Jio, etc. I think they did something with the antenna. Factory reset, flashing ROMs and kernel didn't work. Can you help me?
  • mriganka dey
    bro plz make a video of how to install cyenogenmod on stok android on yuphoria
  • sairam jagini
    hey bro my yuphoria micro sd slot not working should i replace motherboard or any solution please helpme..
  • Rahul Mandal
    bro isska wifi ka signal ka part kha reheta h plzz tell me
  • Ramala Shrestha
    can u review yu yunicorn screen replacement