Snapchat for iPhone - Download

Snapchat for iPhone - Download

Say it with pictures

Snapchat is a simple app that lets you communicate with your friends using only pictures which they can see for only a few seconds before they disappear forever.

The way the app works is very simple: you take a picture, add a text caption if you want, select for how long you want the other person to be able to see it, and then send the picture.

For your friends to see the image though, they'll need to have the app installed on their devices. Also, if they take a screenshot of it, you'll receive a notification that they've done so, thus letting you maintain control over who is saving the images you send and who isn’t.

The whole point of Snapchat is, as you can imagine, to send spur of the moment, or racy pictures to a very select groups of friends. Why? Well, because the people receiving the picture will be able to see it, only for it to then disappear without leaving a trace. And if they do save the image by taking a screenshot, you'll know.

Snapchat is a very useful tool for staying in touch with your friends in way that is fast, simple and visual.

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