Kingdom Rush 3.1.3 for iPhone - Download

Kingdom Rush 3.1.3 for iPhone - Download

Defend your kingdom from the fearsome hordes of invaders

Kingdom Rush is a true 'tower defense' in which your goal is to set a series of 'obstacles' in the way of your enemies, so that they cannot enter your base and threaten your kingdom.

To prevent the enemies from advancing, you will confront with them through a series of buildings. Some you will use to attack enemies at a distance with arrows, some will be used for magic, some will be used to stop the enemy from advancing, and others to diminish large groups of enemies.

As you fight and win missions in the first battles, you can improve by obtaining arrows that do more damage, your soldiers will be able to withstand more, and you will definitely be provided with more opportunities as you play. Also, you have magic and you can call in reinforcements if things start looking really bad.

Kingdom Rush is one of the best titles of its genre, a must for fans of 'tower defense', and one of those games that will keep you engaged for many hours.

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