Jasmine - YouTube Client 1.1.1 for iPhone - Download

Jasmine - YouTube Client 1.1.1 for iPhone - Download

A splendid way to watch Youtube videos

Jasmine - YouTube Client is a Youtube client for iOS boasting several features that make it a more than interesting alternative to the official YouTube app.

The first thing that stands out on this app, and possibly the most interesting thing about it full stop, is that Jasmine is fully compatible with AirPlay, which means you can easily play your YouTube videos on your television via Apple TV.

Other features include several different 'skins' for the app, complete playlist management, and the option to play a video in the background while using any other application.

As if all this weren't enough, whenever you reopen a video Jasmine - YouTube Client will remember the exact place you left off when you closed it. Thus, watching some of the longer videos on Youtube will now no longer be a problem.

Jasmine - YouTube Client is a brilliant alternative to the official Youtube app that will allow you watch your favorite videos more easily thanks to its long list of great features.

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