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Where to find hotspot usage data?

You log into T-Mobile website and there is no information on hotspot data usage.

I call one of the rep and he got it confused with phone data usage vs hotspot. He doesn't know either.

I install T-Mobile app and it has been 0GB on my hotspot for many days now.

Do you have any idea where to find my hotspot usage?


#1 chong67, May 11, 2014
How have you been hotspoting on what are you tethering too?
#2 DirtyDee, May 11, 2014
If you use any it'll show up there

Account Info -> Detailed Usage [​IMG]
#3 Gman9831, May 11, 2014

Me and you both postpaid tho, side note gman your notification windows are always full. Lol busy man
#4 DirtyDee, May 11, 2014
Take a look at my screenshot from my phone. I been using hotspot to my tablet and I know I been using it. It been showing 0MB/3MB for days.
#5 chong67, May 11, 2014
Tablets and phones don't add to the ticker
#6 DirtyDee, May 11, 2014
Sorry I mean that's the screenshot from my phone. I been using the hotspot to my tablet and why it has been showing 0GB for days now.
#7 chong67, May 12, 2014
I am saying tablets use data the same was as phones... It's almost impossible for tmobile to tell them apart
#8 DirtyDee, May 12, 2014
OH, I think I know what you are saying now.

Because they are all Android device, Tmobile cant tell the difference ???

Now if I use a Window device, then Tmobile can tell?

Is this a loop hole? Can I delete this thread? I don't want more people to know.
#9 chong67, May 12, 2014
I haven't used any widows devices other than a laptop on vista in a while, T-Mobile can't tell the differences so far for Linix or android no idea for other Unix based systems tho
#10 DirtyDee, May 12, 2014
android tablet with a different browser will get blocked ie firefox. my note 10.1 tablet browses fine with default samsung browser. i installed firefox there because i am used to use it for all devices. whenever i launch it it gets redirected to t-mobile upsale page for tethering.
i think the data is taken from the browser what os > what browser in this sequence for identification purposes. if it passes the os check, it goes for browser check. when that passes as mobile browser, you get access to tethering. thats why we use a user agent switcher to mimic a mobile device and mobile browser. my tablet passes the os check but fails on the browser test with firefox.
for some reason linux os totally flummoxes this identification process and stops the browser check. that why i can use my widows laptop using a useragent string for firefox that pretends to be a linux machine using firefox with no problem. the advantage of this is that i get to use a real browser without the limitation of mobile one.
#11 akmsr, May 13, 2014
Somebody answer me this below:

Typically tmo gets tethering/hotspot data in two ways:

1) your phone's Hotspot/Tethering app snitches your usage to t-mobile (custom Roms/hacks/alternative apps available to bypass this)
2) t-mobile sniffs your useragent and flags data with a desktop browser useragent. your android tablet won't be a problem here unless you explicitly set to use a desktop browser
#12 chong67, May 21, 2014
So I went and did a quick test. I use my Windows laptop to do a few download and sure enough, my phone hotspot is now 0.1MB used.

Using it on your Android tablet its free apparently!

I have no complaints. Tell everyone T-mobile is cool!
#13 chong67, May 21, 2014
My tablet counts against my tethering allowance. Used up 2.5gb just watching the Superbowl at work in February. Yes, it is an Android.
#14 jhtalisman, May 21, 2014
I see. In that case, I dont know what to say. I guess just enjoy life.
#15 chong67, May 22, 2014
Are you tethering from a phone or mobile hotspot?
#16 DirtyDee, May 22, 2014
I asked 2 different reps from T Mobile how to find my hotspot usage & they told me there's no way for me or them to know how much I've used. I find that difficult to believe. SOMEONE can view my usage if I'm limited to 3 GB/month! The first rep told me I'll get a warning message when I'm getting close to my limit. That's no help.
I was using hotspot on my S4 last night with my Windows laptop & kept getting kicked off. I wondered if it was bec I reached my hotspot limit but nobody seems to know.
#17 Whiskeypawz, Jul 8, 2014
Post paid or prepaid?
#18 DirtyDee, Jul 8, 2014
Post paid
#19 Whiskeypawz, Jul 8, 2014
#20 mogelijk, Jul 8, 2014
You can use the T-Mobile app and site
#21 DirtyDee, Jul 9, 2014
Yes, thats the only way I know so far to view Hotspot usage is download the app made by T-mobile. I dont know why they make it so difficult?

This is future enhancement that Tmo needs to do.
#22 chong67, Jul 9, 2014
Where else would you like to go to view your account info securely?
#23 Gman9831, Jul 10, 2014
I dont think there is anything secure anymore. I thought https is secure but its not. I hope VPN is.
#24 chong67, Jul 10, 2014

Nope, it's not on there. Only my total data usage.
#25 Whiskeypawz, Jul 10, 2014