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Okay so when I go to end my programs the TouchWiz thingy pops up. Select Launcher.. it's always asking for either TouchWiz Home or TouchWiz easy home. And even if I press always it still comes up. WHY??? Is it a glitch?! I want it to stop. It didn't do that when I first got the phone but It started after I changed a theme then went back to the normal theme. It was a theme on the theme app that came with the phone.. I can't find a setting to stop the TouchWiz crap. Lol

Please help? Any ideas on how to stop it? Is this happening to anyone else?


#1 kps1422, Apr 24, 2015
Somehow your default launcher got cleared. Go to settings>applications>default applications>home. Select Touchwiz and is will be set as the default and stop prompting you to select a launcher.
#2 AeolianReflex, Apr 25, 2015
Thank you so much! At first, for some odd reason.. it didn't work but then it worked. I think it was just a glitch. Again thank you so much!
#3 kps1422, Apr 25, 2015
I just tried this and it didn't work for me, I went back into the settings and tried it again and the default wasn't set again. How do I fix it?
#4 dtay3, May 4, 2015
You can try to clear the cache to see if that helps but other than that or a factory reset, I don't know what else could be done beyond reflashing the phone.
#5 AeolianReflex, May 5, 2015