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T-Mobile LTE Phones do get LTE on Metro Pcs

No you do not have to unlock them, and yes I am sure, and long as are you're in LTE coverage for T-mobile, you will get LTE. I've seen at least 4 threads with people asking this.


#1 the hulk, Oct 30, 2013

I can confirm that you don't have to unlock them my girlfriend got a t mobile s3 that wasn't unlock and is using it on metro.
#2 [email protected], Oct 30, 2013
That's nice to know that they don't need to be carrier unlocked. So any T-Mobile phone will work then (not that I'll buy just any T-Mobile phone though).
#3 alfick3, Oct 30, 2013
if you are being serious lol, the only phone that I had a problem with was the HTC G1, but that was like the first 3 days of BYOD, other then that, every t-mobile branded device I have used, I haven't unlocked any of them.
#4 the hulk, Oct 31, 2013
Do you know by any chance if I get a T-Mobile phone and I put a Metro PCS Sim card is it going to work? I just want to try it with a friends Sim card who has a metro gem phone. Is this possible or are this metro Sim cards "attached" to a single phone?

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#5 dportal2006, Oct 31, 2013
you're saying two different things.

are you trying to put a t-mobile sim in a metro pcs gsm device?

or are you trying to put a metro pcs sim in a t-mobile device?
#6 the hulk, Oct 31, 2013
NO, MetroPCS Sim cards are attached to that account and Metropcs will have to add/remove imei for any swap.
#7 nintendo4, Oct 31, 2013
Thanks. That is what i wanted to know.
#8 dportal2006, Oct 31, 2013
I had to have my wifes Note 2 unlocked before i could have it on metroPCS I put my metroPCS sim card in it and it was asking for a unlock code, also I put the t-mobile sim into my metro S4 and it does not work it asks for a unlock code.
So anyhow I now have a unlocked note 2 and a unlocked S4. all is good for now. I might grab a couple note 3's and switch to t-mobile.
#9 kb0sdq, Nov 1, 2013
my note 2 is t-mobile branded and wasn't unlocked and I have service on it, you just have to make sure the imei of the phone is linked to the sim card on the metro account, my phones have always been unlocked.

If you feel like donating a note 2 let me know lol
#10 the hulk, Nov 2, 2013
so if i go buy a t-mobile nexus 5 out right, I can take it to a metro store and have it activated? I'll get full 4g lte?
#11 bnb25, Dec 1, 2013
thats what i am hoping too.
a little different for me as i ordered the nexus 5 from play store and will receive in couple of days. i'll take it to an authorized dealer of metropcs, buy the microsim from and activate in store. OR you can order the microsim from metropcs.com and call to activate over the phone.

as for receiving LTE check your GSM coverage on metropcs.com (click on a GSM phone, click on check coverage). if it shows your location has 4gLTE, you are good to go. for example my location has metro CDMA LTE for sure. i checked with a friend's CDMA S3 and got 7 mpbs down and 3 mbps up. metro GSM (t-mobile) on the other hand has 'strong 3G' according to the coverage map. from my reading last couple of months it seems metro LTE should be comparable to t-mobile 3G (hspa). will know in a couple of days.

i think t-mobile will charge you more for nexus 5.
#12 akmsr, Dec 1, 2013
Eventually the LTE will all be combined, so that Metro LTE will be integrated into T-Mobile's LTE. As for price, T-Mobile plans seem to be about 10 dollars more than Metro's plans with the exception of the $30 dollar plan to which Metro has no equivalent to my knowledge.
#13 jhawkkw, Dec 1, 2013
hence my reason to activate on metro for 10 dollar less a month for unlimited everything while using the same towers as t-mobile users :)
#14 akmsr, Dec 1, 2013
#15 the hulk, Dec 1, 2013
Right now many parts of metro's CDMA/LTE are running LTE on the 1900mhz band 2, and of course all t mobile and metro/gsm are running on the 1700/2100mhz band 4 for LTE and HSPA.
Some metro areas that do get LTE are not covered under tmo's lte, though most of those areas should have some hspa coverage and while speeds are comparable (overall speedtest anyways) the reduced latency and faster upload of LTE is very noticeable.
So in conclusion be very sure about what towers you can connect to before you make the decision.

The N5 is probably one of if not the best phone to get because its freq bands are extensive, probably covers any carrier but you unfortunately can not put it on the CDMA/LTE side of metro even though it would get those bands im sure.
#16 new optimus, Dec 1, 2013
Jacksonville is the only place left with B2 LTE on metro since originally only Jacksonville and South Florida had B2 LTE but South Florida has been combined with Tmo LTE already
#17 Gman9831, Dec 1, 2013
Oh, so the older cdma/lte phones are now picking up the band 4 311660?
With the work they have done to improve those towers here in jax I would hope they combine them soon.

Just 6 months ago metro band 2 lte was the only lte that would reach my house, the t mobile signal was not even 1 bar but since then the tmo lte at my house is 16 down 11 up and still not full bars but the metro is 6 if lucky.
#18 new optimus, Dec 1, 2013
Im using the LG spirit, CDMA phone here in south east Michigan. I'm getting 30 to 40 mbsp down. Before the merger I'd be lucky to crack 4mb down. I was down ont he whole merger at first and there are still somethings I don't like but the speeds are great.
#19 bnb25, Dec 3, 2013
that's great to hear...I was told by a metro employee that my TMO S3 had to be unlocked before adding to service (back in Aug)...I didn't argue, but just unlocked it and took it back next day.

Again, thanks, great to hear...will save us all time.:smokingsomb:
#20 Mexigga, Dec 4, 2013
I thought the same thing until I tried it, saves people money
#21 the hulk, Dec 6, 2013
How does it save anyone any money?

I didn't think either Metro or T-Mo Charge Anything to unlock their own devices.

Of did you mean it saves them money if YOU do the unlocking?

Bruce in Ocala, Fl
#22 OcalaFlGuy, Dec 6, 2013
I think he means not having to buy a new phone if you already have one.

Or if you can not get the unlock code from the carrier paying a unlock service.

Tmo will unlock but they usually require you to have 90 consecutive days of service, and be the original owner, if you buy a phone from craigslist/ebay, or where ever you may not have either of those and so tmo will not unlock it.
#23 new optimus, Dec 6, 2013
I was speaking in reference of bringing a T-mobile device to metro, that they do not have to unlock there phones, that's all.
#24 the hulk, Dec 6, 2013
Okay guys, I just want to make sure and double check, I have a Galaxy Note 2 (T-Mobile) (not unlocked) and if I take it to MetroPCS and connect it, it will work? I have a line with Nexus 4
#25 deniskayeremuk, Jan 7, 2014