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Rooting a Blu Advance 5.0

My sister purchased a Blu Advance 5.0 to use on vacation or places where she doesn't want to take her main phone. She quickly discovered that phone only has about 1 Gb of free storage. My suggestion was to root the phone and install something like link2SD. However, I can find no information on rooting the device.

Based on an article on Reedit, it appears that the phone can be rooted with KingoRoot, but it's not clear if Kingo Root is shady or not. Has anyone figure out how to root the phone without something like Kingo Root? I only need to root the phone, I don't need to unlock the bootloader and install custom ROM.

If Kingo Root is my only option, there seems to be bunch of different version of it like KingRoot. Is one variant less dangerous than the other?

I have talked to my sister about the danger of doing this. For example, I would probably avoid using to access her bank account. She just want it for online maps and things like Yelp. She is ok with voiding the warranty because BLU is crappy with warranty service any way and is unlikely to get further update that would be problematic with a rooted device.



#1 paulsiu, Sep 26, 2016

first download mobogenie in your phone and in your pc too

for phone go to http://www.mobogenie.com/product/mobogenie-android.html
for pc go to http://www.mobogenie.com/product/mobogenie-pc.html

now connect your phone to pc open mobogenie install your phones driver, your phone will be connected to mobogenie then go to toolkit here the root option click on it and wait it'll done after 2 or 3 minutes .

do this and tell me its working or not . if facing any problem then also tell me .
#2 De XaiBii, Sep 26, 2016
I google Mobogenie and notice that there's a ton of article about it being malware. Are you sure it's safe?

#3 paulsiu, Sep 27, 2016

it's save bro I've used it .
#4 De XaiBii, Sep 27, 2016
Mobogenie refuses to root my Advance 5.0 using the instructions you've provided. I've attempted about 5 times now with no luck. Any other suggestions or detail I may provide to maybe get some assistance?
#5 tclark117, Nov 28, 2016
Mobogenie is a Chinese app store full of pirated apps and games. So basically it's, here be dragons, and good luck you're on your own.
#6 mikedt, Nov 28, 2016
I could tell it was shady just by the installer package, but I tried it anyway. I've also tried Kingo with no luck. I'd prefer to try TWRP, but there's no Blu Advance 5.0 support for it. Is there no hope for the 5.0 yet?
#7 tclark117, Nov 28, 2016
What chipset does tlie blu run? Mediatek or Qualcomm.
#8 kirito9, Dec 10, 2016
Mediatek. by the way, mine is BLU Advance 5.5 HD, does that work as well?
#9 MLGTrooper3004, Feb 21, 2017