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reading .log text files

My backup system sends me alerts whenever a backup job fails and the alert contains a log file (something.log) which is a basic text file just with the .log extension.

When I try to open one of these files on my phone I am asked what I want to use and the only option is to export.

I have then tried many different apps to open the file but they all just bring up blank screens.

Is there a way to easily view these .log files? There is no way to change how the backup system sends the logs.


#1 ebjers, Nov 26, 2011
You could use the text editor 'TxtPad' (free version in Market).
TxtPad opens every file as .txt without looking at the extension.

Or you could use a file manager like EStrongs File Explorer. It will ask to open as text and then you can choose its internal text editor.

Or you could change the extension to .txt with EStrongs :)

#2 Harry2, Nov 26, 2011
Thanks Harry2 - rename the file! (Doh! Why didn't I think off that?!)

Cheers, Richard
#3 TheOnlyRick, Apr 1, 2013
Hey, I had exactly the same problem so I wrote a little app for it. It lets you open .log files immediately from the Email (or Gmail etc.) application, so you don't have to separately download and rename the files. The app is called "Log File Viewer". You can find it on the Play Store here.

Feedback would be very welcome!

#4 mherrmann, Aug 23, 2013