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Please tell Good phone for a modder?

I guess it depends what you want to mod. Are you looking for theming only or do you want to change the firmware?
#2 lunatic59, Oct 9, 2017
Hi, thanks for the response, I'm looking for a phone that has a good development community and is easily locked, unlocked, rooted, unrooted, etc.
#3 bradley lawerence, Oct 12, 2017
Google's phone ... Nexus and Pixel would be top choices. Samsung, just because they are so ubiquitous would also have a big development community, but you have to get past their security.
#4 lunatic59, Oct 12, 2017
OnePlus 3 and the later models have good development communities. Avoid low end phones that you'd typically see on a prepaid network. Those usually have very little to no dev support.
#5 Revenant Ghost, Oct 12, 2017
Don't get a ZTE Zmax Pro, it's the most locked down phone on the planet!
#6 LV426, Oct 12, 2017
Avoid Carrier branded devices if possible, especially AT&T and Verizon. Locked bootloaders.
#7 Jfalls63, Oct 12, 2017
nexus, pixel, oneplus....

head over to xda-developers.com and have a look at what the cool kids are playing with these days...
#8 psionandy, Oct 12, 2017