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PDANet+ No Longer Hiding Tethering

I have had T Mobile since January and have been using PDAnet+ to tether without issue... until recently. Suddenly T Mobile is slowing my speeds telling me that I am using "hotspot". Pdanet used to be really good at making it seem as though the thethering was the same as the internet on your phone, what happened?

T mobile cannot see that I am tethering, but rather than reading like phone/internet data, it is reading to them as hotspot data. Any clue why this is happeneing. The only thing that changed on my end was I got a new computer (Lenovo Yoga 3, which I HATE). I noticed that when I connect to my phone with PDA net, it says connected through adb.exe. Other than that all is normal. Please help, if I cannot tether with Tmobile, I am going to another carrier.


#1 avwright, Jul 22, 2015
Did you look in settings on PC program?
There's a 3 level setting to hide tethering
#2 bcrichster, Jul 22, 2015
on the PDA net desktop app or is this in general settings on the computer? if you could provide directions, I would appreciate it
#3 avwright, Jul 22, 2015
Desktop app
#4 bcrichster, Jul 23, 2015
Click on your PDAnet icon in notification tray
Hide Tether Usage
Level 1 - is usually all you need
#5 Sept1967, Jul 23, 2015
Does this app hide the tethering w/o it being root?
#6 chong67, Aug 25, 2015
Yes, for stock phones, it does its own hide usage. I would say all phones, NOT Lolipop 5.1.1
Also only Bluetooth, or USB tethering. WiFi tethering was broke with Kitkat and was never fixed

It stopped working on my MetroPCS Stylo, after it was updated to 5.1.1
So it just may be my phone, not sure yet
#7 Sept1967, Aug 25, 2015
It also stopped working on my stylo without having updated...
Clockwork Tether has stepped up like a champ though... no root(i know...i only say this because folks hear clockwork and assume root/special recovery, etc.), no muss, no fuss.
#8 horsecharles, Oct 14, 2015
Random update-

Tried a Nexus 6 with same Lolipop 5.1.1 - and PDAnet works just fine (usb)

Must be something internal to the LG Stylo that kills it.
#9 Sept1967, Nov 18, 2015
Doesn't hide my usage on LG Leon running 5.1.1 either. I'm on metro but would think it's the same thing. Guess I'll look into clockwork
#10 guyute1500, Dec 3, 2015 Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2015