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Support My samsung galaxy S2 batteries suddenly drain within hours!

Now I don't have a Galaxy S2 but I saw this and had tot ake a look; I have the Galaxy Appollo and I have been getting this EXACT same issue :s and it's funny you should mention the USB port because mine is damaged in the same way and it's running android 2.2 I know it's an older model but the issue must be related :/


#51 extermin8or, May 3, 2012
You have to re-calibrate your battery. My wife and I own galaxy s2. I am on ics 4.0.3, rooted but stock firmware and my wife's phone is on gingerbread, rooted but stock 2.3.3 . I think this will work regardless of your phone being rooted or not. This will re-calibrate your battery. Your problems happen when the phone operating system thinks the battery is 100% charged when physically phone battery is only 60%. Or vise versa when physical phone batter is 100% and operating system thinks its 60% (or what ever value). Hope this fixes all your battery problems. Dont worry, this happened to my phone and my wife's phone and all is well. Your welcome.

1) drain all of your battery untill phone shuts down

2) turn on and drain battery until phone shuts down ( repeat until you are unable to turn the phone on- this step is very important because we need to drain the battery competely)

3) take the battery out and wait 5 seconds or so and put it back in

4) Charge the battery while the phone is off

5) when the charge is 100%, take the charger off then charge again to get 100% again

6) turn on your phone and enjoy your new battery
#52 juo78, May 7, 2012
I had all of the problems listed in this forum. Phone said the SD card was unmounted, battery draining after only a few hours, and getting hot. I removed the battery and put it back in but this did not help. Finally, took it to a T Mobile store where they did a factory reset. After that, we discovered my SD card was not working but didn't know why as I never had a problem with it before. Replaced the SD card and then recalibrated the battery as directed by juo78. Phone is now fixed and battery has not needed to be charged for 2 days now. This was better than before it broke where I could get 1 1/2 days at the most. Right now it is still 1/2 charged.
Let's hope I don't have this problem again as I don't know what fixed it. Hoping it was the battery recalibration rather than the factory reset cuz that was a pain.
#53 mytrang, May 12, 2012
Just two more tips - make sure once you get off of wifi you turn on the screen to push the phone to connect to the 4g/3g network and not register time without signal.

Also for even longer lasting battery Juice defender ultimate - My phone does 48 hours without charging the battery now - I am rooted and have the pro version of Titanium bakcup to get rid of the horrible bloatware apps!!!

#54 alextop30, May 13, 2012
I have the same problem as everyone else. I have the Telus version which is the same as T-Mobile, the only difference is that we are on 2.3.5.

My problem on the other hand is not high battery usage from Android system, it's from the screen !!
As you can see in thr picture, Android system is at 11%, but the screen is at 35%. I tested different brightness options and with all of them (Auto, Minimum and 50%) I get the same results.

Can anyone help me with my problem ? Maybe tell me to change some settings in my phone ? .. Im on stock and haven't rooted my phone yet.
#55 amir88, May 17, 2012
Did you follow juo78's steps on how to calibrate the battery? If you did there are very few things you can do for the screen. Try auto brightness or some really low setting. If you use your phone heavily like me display and dialer are always on the top. Juice defender is good idea to save battery while your screen is off - it uses a smart algorithm to turn data off and on so that most of the time there is no data on your phone and therefore there is very low battery loss during standby.
#56 alextop30, May 17, 2012
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I did caliberated my battery but no luck there. As you can see, I'm already using juice defender for few months, this issue happened around 2 months ago to me, I didn't have this problem before. I tried every settings on my phone but still no luck there.
#57 amir88, May 17, 2012
I just posted this on another thread but it was possibly more suited to this thread.

I recently got interested in this problem as two weeks ago my battery drain problems started and it would only last between 1-4 hours, and would take ages to recharge, and the phone was getting hot.

I went to the battery usage in settings and found that the OS was consuming around 70% of the battery. It was being drained rapidly even when in idle. The screen was also becoming hot at the top of the phone, an S2.

I downloaded betterbatterystats and found two processes being run pretty much constantly. They are svnet and svnet-dormancy. They are involved in the sending of data packets. I then checked my current data usage with my provider. This month it has gone from an average use of 40mb per month to 360mb and were only just over half the way through this month!!

So for me what is happening is that a process is constantly sending and receiving data packets. I wondered at first whether this was a faulty app so I bit the bullet and deleted all updates and downloaded applications. No joy. Still the same problem. I then thought maybe its a virus so I download a virus checker. Nothing. Still the same problem. Scratching my head now.

I then noticed the box in Settings/Accounts and Sync/Background data and unchecked this, problem solved. Battery back to normal, no heat problems, no recharging problems.

Whether this is a client or server fault I don't know. I have google/yahoo/facebook/exchange server account settings. I know of five people personally who have been affected by battery drain issues within the last month. I don't know why. Two have sent there phone back for repairs. Others are looking at exchanging their's for an iphone.

My temporary fix may not be the answer for everyone (as others may be experiencing a different problem causing similiar results) but it explains why my battery is draining so quick, why the phone is getting so hot, and why it takes so long to recharge.

On a side note, why is the android OS so user unfriendly to upgrade. You go to the settings/software update/check for updates (mine is android 2.3.3) and the phone says no update available, yet i know android 4.? something exists. Can someone point me in the direction of how you upgrade the OS. Thanks in advance.
#58 orbiton, May 21, 2012
No coment other than the battery on my tmobile gs2 is only lasting 8 hours.To me that is a third of what I expect. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents . I hope someone hears and solves the problem . Im running 2.3.6
#59 lethalgorman, May 28, 2012
Just found this forum because of the same problem and thought I'd add my experience.
SGH I777: The last day or so battery drain became enormous (no exaggeration); power was being consumed faster than could be recharged!
Under settings - battery, I found that Gmail was using 60% of the power, and that even when I turned it off, killed it, force-stopped it, whatever I tried! Powering down and removing battery for 20 sec or so didn't change anything either.
I then decided to uninstall Gmail whereupon the system automatically reinstalled what was called the "factory version". After this Gmail's power consumption was very low for a while, but then it edged back up to ~24%, however, better than the 60% I was getting.
We'll see!
#60 hlinssen, May 30, 2012
I finally have my battery issue fixed, but only because I was getting my MacBook Pro looked at for its battery issue; which then led me to look at my new fones problem.
I just got this phone (TMobile) about a month ago, and upon getting it I connected to my MacBook to transfer files, etc.; a couple of days after this connection I noticed that my new Mac was draining its battery at an alarming rate. Took it to Apple store, and they did diagnostics, couldn't find anything, but replaced my battery under contract. Next day, same issues with new battery. I decided to check Activity Monitor and I find something called 'Kies WiFi' using 98% of my cpu's and battery! Did some research, and found it's a huge issue with MBP's. Removed the program completely. No more problems. I then checked my new fone, did a factory reset, and made sure that this program didn't get any updates, etc. My battery life on my fone is now great. With normal use (some email, internet, Facebook, Twitter, games, etc), I start off with 100% at 6AM, and I still have about 80% 12 hrs later.
Hopefully, this can help someone. It seems that the Kies program either has something wrong with it, or it's just structured to constantly seek out connections with the network for updates, etc.
#61 LouDaMan, May 30, 2012
My highest thing is screen, which is at 56%. I wake up at 6:30am with 100% battery and by 2:30pm I'm down to 45% in standby with very very minimal usage...
#62 Scoutamis, Jun 1, 2012
Your VERY EASY SOLUTION worked out! I did what you told: shut off phone - take battery out - put it in after a minute and I can use my phone again for a day without charging it after 3, 4 hours!
#63 joukek, Jun 4, 2012
hi pompeypimp...!
If u have Android 4.0.3 then

go to settings-----More-----Mobile Networks----Uncheck Use Packet Data
most probably this will solve the problem....i had same kind of problem some months ago, that was solved by this method....
post here if it is right or not?
#64 momsdear, Jun 5, 2012
I got my phone about october of 2011... kept it completely stock till about 3-4 months ago, when the (un)official ICS update was released ( I had no problem with battery life before, or after the update. Recently though, the battery has just been getting worse. I had about 8 hours on a full charge. I had a ton of widgets and live wallpaper, so i figured those would be the culprit. I deleted those, hoping to double my battery life, but today i was horrified to find that, my phone, on standby, with no running background apps or anything, had died after only 4 and a half hours. I have already taken out the battery, restarted the phone. "Android OS" uses about 20-25% on the battery settings screen, while the screen uses anywhere from 20-50, depending on how I use it. I turned brightness all the way down also. Attempted to try "juicedefender" or other battery saving apps, none of which helped. I would take it back to the store to figure it out, but it has the 4.0.3, which is supposedly unofficial. So i don't think they would help. I don't think its the ICS causing the problem, but if it is, i wont hesitate to revert back to GB. This is a serious problem and needs fixing, because I need more than 4 hours a day :O

Any ideas how to fix it?

#65 ColonelAdama, Jun 7, 2012
My battery has been draining quickly too
bought a new one 2500mah and its still the same check this out

ity hasnt run off the end it has plummeted nearly 45%
#66 binzie, Jun 16, 2012
Hi this is my first post.

My GS2 5 months old working fine got ICS update no issues then all of a sudden battery problems charging done in about 2hrs , then dischargred in about 2hrs also getting message saying unplug charger voltage to high..... but it was unpluged ??? also battery light flashing until battery got below 50% then phone got roasting hot.

I believe this is a firmware update issue so i have sent my phone back to the supplier who have sent it to Samsung,i will update when it returns and what they have done.
#67 greggster72, Jun 19, 2012
My Galaxy 2s is about 6 months new, and it is turned off whenever I am home.

Earlier today, when I checked, the battery was at 91%. Tonight, twice, while the device was in my pocket, I felt it heat up. How can it get hot when it is turned off??!!

After the second instance, I tried turning it on to see what could possibly be happening, but no luck. The Samsung would not turn on, and when I plugged in the charger, there was no visible response.

It seems as if the battery, sound asleep, just up and died. Is this a new issue here?
#68 droidlarry115, Jun 22, 2012
i just got my galaxy s2 4 days ago n now when i charge it indicates battery temperature hot.

how to slove this problem. pls help.
#69 pablo skm, Jul 9, 2012
Bring it in to a shop that sells T-mo and have them replace the battery for you. It could be a bad battery, it has been known to happen in many types of devices.

#70 Oldschoolwax, Jul 14, 2012
I have a solution for this problem at least it worked for me... Go to setting..then wireles and network ..then mobile network and UNCHECK where it says USE PACKET DATA..... if you need to connect to the internet using the 4 g network just go back to the settings and check off where it says use packet data.... i hope this will solve the problem..
#71 danisa, Jul 14, 2012
Go to settings... Wireles and network then mobile network...uncheck where it says USE PACKET DATA..that will solve the problem.
#72 danisa, Jul 14, 2012
Hi, I found this forum by looking for solutions to the same problem. I have just bought Galaxy S2 (second hand) and the battery does not hold charge (in this case of a picture I did not touch phone for all day neither made/received any call as I even removed a SIM card)
I checked "Battery usage" and noticed that "Cell standby" sucking the most of the batteries energy- even 75%!
What is Cell standby for? I am not using any SIM card with the phone.
#73 incognitas, Jul 16, 2012
Hi! My father has a similar problem.

Anyone else with this problem notice an irregular data usage also?
My father S2 suddenly begun to use about 20-30 MB per hour (he normally use about 200 per MONTH!). Also the battery lasting halve of the time. Whatever is using the data, it also draining the battery?

Check this for more details:
#74 epaulk, Jul 20, 2012
This is clearly a well known and unresolved problem Samsung have allowed to continue. I bought my Galaxy S2 just on four months ago and everything has been great until two days ago when just as most here have described, the unit started heating up very noticeably and the power was drained within three hours.

I bought the Galaxy S2 because I believed all of the positive language on the net about the phone, but now that I have spoken to three different people at Samsung Australia, all to no avail, and three people at JB HiFi (place of purchase), I have been reminded that just because people are willing to spend time with you when you spend doesn't mean they will do anything at all to help when things malfunction.

JB HiFi in Perth's EnEx100 arcade told me repairs could take up to two MONTHS, irrespective of the fact that I won't be in Australia in one month. Samsung told me this was the first they had heard of this kind of problem and that I must drive something like forty five to fifty kilometers from home to drop it in at their service center where I would need to allow two weeks on average, but it could take a month, because they have no idea what the problem is likely to be.

The 3rd person at JB HiFi to take a call from me did recognize the problem and said that resetting the unit may help. It hasn't - but at least she admitted to having seen the problem before and had an idea for me to try for myself before asking me to go phone-less for two weeks to two months!

Samsung have let the ball drop on this and I will wait to buy my next phone from some other company. Silly thing is, if they'd spoken to me reasonably and as though they gave a damn, and resolved the problem, I would have continued thinking about the Galaxy S3 as a possible near future purchase as well as a Samsung pad in a month before I move overseas again: Two lost sales for Samsung.
#75 Supageil, Sep 7, 2012