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I have recurring problem where my phone will appear to have service (x>2 bars) but when I try to send a text message and even call it will give me an alert saying the text message never send or the call will automatically end before connecting. No matter how many times I resend the message, it will not send unless either wait about an hour or restart my phone. I'm pretty sure it's not the phone, however, because my last phone, a Motorola RIZR, did the same thing (I kept my same T-mobile plan). I'm wondering if it's just a network problem or something else?



#1 wdcalvin, Mar 2, 2010
Bad SIM card.
#2 Swizz, Mar 5, 2010
i had the same issue today.. i had to restart and it went ok. i know tmo was having some issues past few days. maybe that was it
#3 BiGMERF, Mar 5, 2010
I have a problem with picture messages. I cannot send a 5 megapixel picture it has to be 3 or less. I had this problem on my first Nexus One which I exchanged due to dust under the screen and I have the same issue with my new one.
#4 kcs7272, Mar 7, 2010

It may not be a problem with the phone, rather a limitation imposed by the carrier. MMSs do have maximum sizes, which can be imposed by the phone, the carrier(s) and the recipient. The size restrictions vary on every phone and almost every carrier. The largest I've heard of is 500KB and I've seen as little as 30KB(which is pretty dated). 5MP phones are capable of producing very large file sizes, but most MMS programs will figure it out and reduce the size of the picture when importing it into the message.

Mileage may vary, and I don't have exact specs for the N1(although they should be the max that TMO allows).
#5 Swizz, Mar 7, 2010
Well this generally happens with simple text messages only, so I don't know if size is the issue , especially since after I restart the phone the messages send.
#6 wdcalvin, Mar 7, 2010
The pics should just resize themselves down from 5....
#7 SnotF, Mar 8, 2010
i have this exact same problem, it is just sms messages ... its starting to get very annoying. restarting the phone seems to be the only solution.
#8 dime079, Mar 8, 2010
same exact problem wont send texts or make calls i have to restart phone to fix it idk why its just real random
#9 mykeldrip, Mar 13, 2010
Should but doesn't! The standard messaging program doesn't but Handcent does reduce the file to a send-able size for most carriers. Shame that some carriers cant do the same back !!!!!O2!!!!! Tiny 25k pics is all thats forwarded on through them, rubbish.........
#10 justdoit, Mar 13, 2010
If you're rooted, check out this thread for a fix on that.

You could also try ringing o2 and informing them you have some other Android smartphone like the hero.

And back on topic, I too have suffered from this problem, but only the once, and at a vital, "oh my god, if I can't call this person right now I WILL DIE" type of moment. Sort of. I was very confused, but a restart did solve it.
#11 oniongirl, Mar 14, 2010
Has anyone found a fix to this text msg not sending issue.
#12 lcrkz0023, Mar 15, 2010
Haveyou looked into swapping your similar yet? Even just with a friend so you can verify your settings?
#13 SnotF, Mar 16, 2010
I have tried 3 simcards and it has nothing to do with it. I cannot figure out if this is a T-mobile issue or an N1 issue, but when I first asked, no one else was experiencing it.

It doesn't matter if it's text or picture, I use handcent and just get the little spinning wheel. If I use the default messaging app it will give me the hourglass/waiting signal and then when I go outside for an extended period of time, it still does not send.... I have to manually copy and paste the messages and send them again.

I am also having HUGE signal problems with my N1, but I have always had signal issues with T-mobile in my house. My spouse works there, or else I would be shopping another carrier. I LOVE T-mobile, but the service in my house is simply terrible.

Any answers to getting better signal or getting these messages to send? It's like it "forgets" to send the message when a data or voice connection becomes available. Annoys me to no end... other than that, I love my N1.
#14 System6, Mar 16, 2010

I'm in a poor signal area too and get the same problem about it 'forgetting' to send once it finds its signal again both with the standard sms and Handcent too but have got used to using the copy text, delete message and paste when have signal again but have noticed that if i don't do this the N1 will send the message should it be rebooted for whatever reason (for some reason the N1 has sent a message again too a few times on reboot, why I have no idea!).
#15 justdoit, Mar 16, 2010

I'm REALLY wishing T-mobile would make a UMA app for their smartphone users. Blackberries have it, and although this isn't a "T-mobile branded device" it's as close as it comes.

Otherwise, I wish someone had some real advice or answers for increasing signal. I have got nothing but mixed reviews for boosters/internal antennas.
#16 System6, Mar 16, 2010
I have full 3G bars and it still does it has nothing to do with signal. I've even tried a new sims card and had tmo retrasmit signals to my sims. Its not tmo its the radio in the device. It randomly gets lost.
#17 lcrkz0023, Mar 17, 2010

Good to know. Mine only happens when the signal fluctuates....which it does about every 3 seconds from 3 bars, to no bars, to 2 bars, to emergency calls only, back to 4 bars, and then some more..... This isn't specific to my handset as this is my 2nd N1.
#18 System6, Mar 18, 2010
@system6....I know you're right. This is my 2nd device too and its bout worst than my 1st one. I'm going to try one more time. 3rd times a charm...right? This is rediculous.
#19 lcrkz0023, Mar 18, 2010
Happens to me on my ATT version full 3G. Sounds like to me the radio FW crashes.

My N1 was sitting on my desk 5 bars 3G and wifi on. I went to send a text and it failed. Tried a diff number and it failed. Tried making phone calls and nothing happend. Turned off the wifi and noticed I had 5 bars but no 3G or E symbol. I just got a network error when trying to access web pages. I rebooted the phone and it was fine. This is a huge huge problem. If this happens I will not know it and miss important calls, sms etc Still got data on the wifi. If this happens again I am going to have to switch back to my trusty iPhone. As much as I want to love the radio software/reception has some serious issues. Based on research on the forums I don't think it is my unit thats faulty esp since a reboot fixed it.

It will be curious to see if others have this issue.

I realy hope HTC/Google releases a better radio FW for this device or its going back withing the 30 day.
#20 Richard371, Mar 20, 2010

Same here
#21 Zmydust, Mar 21, 2010