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Root Looks to rooted via XDA forum

Yea, I rooted it with moto chopper. Still no recovery or Roms and probably will never be any .
#2 bswann, Nov 4, 2013
I think it will.... Its a cheap phone with good specs, easily replaceable if bricked...
#3 jtragna, Nov 9, 2013
Alcatel one touch fierce is rooted by framaroot, veified by me. i wil be glad to test any cfw.
#4 miamitech37, Dec 2, 2013
here is info from my phone
on metro pcs
firmware jellybean 4.2.2
kernek version 3.4.5
[email protected] #1
Tue Sep 17 16:45:58 CST 2013
build number M27UP73
Baseband version
MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V13.F1.P14, 2013/09/16 18:08
#5 miamitech37, Dec 2, 2013
more info usig cpu-z
ARM Cortex-A7 1.21 Ghz
gpu vendor-Imagination Technologies
GPU renderer- pOWERVR SGX 544MP
Manufacturer TCT
Board Rav4_MetroPCS
Dislplay M27UP73
Hardware mt6589
Kernel Architecture armv7l
Kernel version 3.4.5 (vM27-0)
Screen Rez 540x960
screen densty 240dpi
root access YES
#6 miamitech37, Dec 2, 2013