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LG v20 Lock Screen Bypass

So I've had my my LG V20 since Sunday, and I really do quite like it (coming from SGS4). Aside from all the BS posts about battery life and lag from loading apps (false positives if you ask me), I've actual come up wit ha some what serious security issue. Sorry for mentioning this and bringing it up as it just exposes the issue to more people.

With short cut keys enabled you can bypass your lock screen by doing the following: 1) turn off the screen 2) double tap volume down to open the camera 3) swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the home screen 4) navigate home and have full access to the phone.

I understand this problem is android based, but it seems the Nexus 9P has already patched this issue. Currently LG support has told me to disable shortcuts as a "solution." I have saved the transcript where they first said that the problem doesn't exist and that it's not a problem.

I'm wanting to make some sort of media mention as this phone is an LG flag Ship of sorts, this is a blatant security hole for their finger print enabled telephone, and we deserve better for our hard earned cash.

Would anyone have any suggestion on who may be willing to make a video about this who has possible fan base to press LG for an update?

Original Thread over at Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/lgv20/comments/5unrsm/lg_v20_lock_screen_bypass/


#1 Anthony Stewart, Feb 17, 2017
I think I left shortcuts off for a reason like that. I don't like the idea anyway. Had something like that on the note and I think it had a similar security issue. Using the shortcuts bypassed the lock. Can you turn on only one shortcut - IE like the camera one. I wonder if that one let's you use the camera but back out to the home screen or it is shows the lock screen when you back out.

Anyway I think it might be a android 7 issue - as in without additional codes in the ROM for the device - the OS lets the shortcut work. I bet the pixel has a similar issue.
#2 Napalm, Feb 17, 2017
Turns out I'm a total newb. There is so many Smart settings I had one left one while testing. Wifi kept the device unlocked.
#3 Anthony Stewart, Feb 18, 2017