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Root LG G Stylo 6.0 Metro PCS Please Help

Okay so i'm what you would call a super noob when it comes to the rooting community and how to root my device, my last 5 years of cell technology has mostly been apple but i have had a few android here and there and i did root one of my old android devices, thats was log ago though and i dont remember which one it was. Now here is where we meet a conflict, i have both an LG G Stylo and an iPhone 6, My LG G Stylo is currently through Metro PCS and my iPhone through sprint. Now in the jailbreaking community we know that with iOS 9.2 and above we cant get it to run a jailbreak, at least with any stability, which sucks because my iCloud updated me to 9.3.1 automatically overnight whilst i was sleeping.... Now to my LG G Stylo... I havent thought about rooting in quite some time, which sucks because now that i do want to root im on 6.0 stock firmware, whatever that may be. Its just a kick in the teeth to know that i cant jailbreak my iPhone and that i possibly may not be able to root my LG G Stylo, which is a determining factor in which one i keep and use, because having two phones is annoying. So the big question here is can we root a LG G Stylo on 6.0 through Metro PCS or not? If not when will we be able to root,
because if a jailbreak drops before a root im gonna ditch the Stylo and use my iPhone.. Please help..




#1 Onyx_Sorin, May 24, 2016
yes you can root a metro stylo on 6.0 just by following this guide http://androidforums.com/threads/guide-how-to-root-t-mobile-6-0-update.1008880/
#2 AP2FTW, May 24, 2016
unlock the bootloader first
#3 ghet2rockuu, May 24, 2016
That is listed in the link.
#4 tube517, May 24, 2016
please if you can or know someone that can, get on skype and help me maybe, or a video tutorial, like i said im far too new to know what any of this means lol, im a skrub.
#5 Onyx_Sorin, May 24, 2016
its really not that hard...just read through all the steps a few times so that you have an idea of what you will be doing...then you might want to read through the entire thread and that may clear up any questions you have...and if you still have some questions/concerns after you've done all that, post them in that thread and get some answers
#6 AP2FTW, May 24, 2016
Ok i'm still confused but i'm going to go for it, wish me luck...
#7 Onyx_Sorin, May 24, 2016
Ok the part i struggling with is the ADB and Fastboot part, like idk what directory that would be in, is it on my pc or phone?????? I need help.
#8 Onyx_Sorin, May 24, 2016
Will this work for the Boost 6.0?
#9 sb43, May 28, 2016
#10 tube517, May 28, 2016
I am not certain of this. I have been trying to explain it in my head first. There may be more than one LG G Stylo models or newer models being shipped with 6.0 marshmallow or the phone with the upgrade from 5.1 is more rootable . I have one that has the 16 gb drive and 12 mp camera and I see others talking about one with an 8 mp camera and 8gig drive . I think that is the Lg stylus. Here is my about phone .Android version 6.0 - Security patch level 2016-07-01. kernel version 3.10.49 . Build number MRA58K. software version ms63120c. I have tried all the one click programs that do the work for you . they all failed . In fact KINGO and KING both stated no root process is available yet not enough requests yet . I am such a neophyte here that it would not bother me to be called a newbie by any of you who most likely have far more experience on these phones than me . My real problem is having the right system image when I do unlock my boot if It can be done on my phone and I can install twerp,or supersu from that unlocked screen and restart safely with no problems on this particular newer model phone ? Hardware information is lgms631 hardware version is rev. 1.0 . Hello to all of you I am new here and my general experiences has been easy one click roots on other phones. Is systemless android a way for carriers to make more profits and control what users put on their phones ? It seems like this is the beginning of a new era in rooting like KM spico on windows, with the changes all in the boot and lost on system renewals ? Anyway these are exciting times for generally all of us so I enjoy what I do even as a newbie . Changefire came out with supersu root but I cannot find their instructions to install it after I downloaded the program . Thank you for your kind attention I know this post is wordy. Sorry for that
#11 danny53, Sep 14, 2016
Androids Forums does not condone or tolerate talking about or encouraging the use of illegally obtained pirated software...
Watch your subject matter...
Just a friendly warning before your personal bonfire in the middle of town is built...
#12 CYCONUMNUM, Sep 15, 2016
danny53 said: ↑
Thanks for making me smile . I understand I am sure none of us would watch a movie, unlock our phones, or download an app or song, or tinker with a program,or share anything here if we knew it was illegal. :)
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#14 danny53, Sep 15, 2016
Good luck . Please share results . Thank you . :)
#15 danny53, Sep 15, 2016
Is there anyway to root this version? Pic attached. LGMS631 model.
#16 Rose Autumn, Jan 10, 2017
#17 viperdink, Jan 11, 2017
Hey guy i know this post was a long time ago, but after many different phones i found myself using the lg g stylo once again, on the most recent software update, through metro pcs, and adb will not pick up my device, it says "List of attached devices" with nothing underneath, as far as i know all usb drivers for the device have been installed, please help... oh and........... BUMP
#18 Onyx_Sorin, Apr 19, 2017
Uninstall all Lg drivers and reboot then reinstall drivers. Cold boot , turn on and hook up phone and then look in devices on your pc and find the port that your device uses in the control panel.

Using lg up you only need adb to root your device.
#19 viperdink, Apr 20, 2017 Last edited: Apr 20, 2017
Is very easy to root this phone, thought is deficult at first.
#20 yeboah74, Apr 24, 2017