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Huawei Y330 Logs

Hi guys, I have a Huawei Y330 that has been doing great... It's predecessor (an identical machine) became corrupt, kept crashing and failed a fatory reset. This one is suffering from space issues.

Reading the web I gather this is probably caused by logs which are hidden to view. This is something that many Android users on many different platforms have suffered from. A search tells me that *#9900# will often give access to clear these through what sounds like a GUI. This doesn't work on my phone.

The other option seems to be to root it. IF I could root it safely I could then get an app to clear them I believe... BUT there's a risk to rooting and as this phone is my only phone and I am a carer I can't take risks and I suspect that if anything should work on this phone then it probably won't. After all this phone cost me £5 from carphonewarehouse so I'm not really complaining.

My question... This is on Android 4.2.2. Has this issue - which has been so widespread - been addressed in later versions of Android and if so from what version?


#1 Gerry Mayfield, Aug 12, 2017