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Support How to verify Processor details and Ram on Samsung Galxy s3


Due to a bad experience with a Amazon Seller, Who sold me a UK carrier (Deutche Telekom) Phone as a brand new Factory unlocked international verison, I wanted to verify if there is any way to see, if phone is indeed Quad Core as mentioned...

All Specification, such as RAM... etc.. What is the country of origion and if it is indeed factory unlocked or not...

Is there any way to verify all this?


#1 vikas51013, Jul 20, 2012
Just run quadrant on the device and it will tell you everything!
#2 Ches111, Jul 20, 2012
You could also look in the settings-> about phone and see what Model number it is. You will also see the hardware version. That should match the Quad ...
#3 Ches111, Jul 20, 2012
Deutche Telekom is NOT a UK carrier.

Factory unlocked means never carrier locked.
#4 SUroot, Jul 20, 2012
Deutsche Telekom is t mobiles parent company AFAIK
#5 matttye, Jul 20, 2012
Yes, I think it is German, but the point was how can they sell a phone, which is carrier based by stating it is Factory unlocked... Returned back to the seller, and now looking for a reliable seller to get it... :thinking:
#6 vikas51013, Jul 20, 2012
Ok will try it.
#7 vikas51013, Jul 20, 2012