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How to add second skype account on android in the same time

My question is pretty straightforward. How to add second skype account on android. I want to be online in the same time with 2 accounts !!! Some people said its impossible but I dont believe it. Every normal people should have at least 2 accounts one official and one unofficial - at least. I know microsoft are the stupidest people in the world and they probably will not support such thing like many other useful features. But its extremely useful thing and it shoud exist in some third party app. Now the real question is do you know the name of this app ?


#1 theimmortalbg, Mar 2, 2015
You could have ten different Skype accounts if you had ten different devises to log on to, but not on the SAME one. Once you log into one account, Skype is up and running, the only way to log into the second account would be to log out of the first. If you want to have two different accounts on Skype just use two devises and you can run them at the same time.
#2 hiredgun, Mar 3, 2015
no I have only one device and dont want to have second. it should be possible to use two accounts on the same device in the same time. Its so easy and so profittable to make such an app. it should exists
#3 theimmortalbg, Mar 3, 2015
It might not be that easy, Skype uses a proprietary and encrypted protocol. Only way it would be profitable for a third-party would be if they charged for the app. There used be an alternative Skype compatible client, Fring, but Microsoft shut it out. And you could run Skype and Fring simultaneously, on different Skype accounts.. Also there's very likely legal issues as well, if anyone attempted to reverse engineer and crack the encryption of the Skype protocol, to develop and sell an unofficial app. They could very well be facing the full wrath of Microsoft's lawyers. See also, Apple Facetime and iMessage, and Tencent QQ and WeChat.

Theoretically you could hack the Skype APK, give it a different name and identifier or whatever else you need to do, and then you should be able install and run two copies simultaneously on an Android device.
#4 mikedt, Mar 3, 2015 Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
yes but I am sure someone already made it
#5 theimmortalbg, Mar 3, 2015
This has been reduced to arguing with everyone who has tried to help you.

Get two Skype clients.

Try them at the same time.

If they work, you're done.

If they don't, you're done.

Arguing with everyone that your wish is reality because it's your wish is pointless and driving people away from trying to help you.

If you argue with me or anyone else, I'm locking the thread as pointless.
#6 EarlyMon, Mar 3, 2015
I remember there was something being developed for Linux, really because the official Skype client for Linux was not very good, and would only run on certain distros. But not sure what happened to it in the end, probably abandoned.
#7 mikedt, Mar 3, 2015
As I know, someone asked help about how to have more than one WeChat accounts logged on in the same time. At last, he got an unofficial, special-built edition of WeChat from iTunes Store for his iPhone.
So, I think, just like mikedt said above, that you might have to try to find an unofficial & special-built edition of Skype in advance. Certainly, you will have to face some security risk if you install these unofficial apps.:(
#8 James_Watson, Mar 4, 2015
I like an "unofficial" app as much as the next guy, lol, but isn't this really all "taking the long way around?" With so many different Chat Apps now you could set up one account on Skype for example and then another one (with an Alias I am assuming) on We Chat and run them effortlessly at the same time. Why have to have two accounts on the SAME app at the SAME time??
#9 hiredgun, Mar 4, 2015
I need a way to start two skype accounts in the same time and to be notified when someone writing to me. I dont care which app I will use for my second account. I have tried wechat but it not anymore support skype. if anyone have another idea its welcome
#10 theimmortalbg, Mar 4, 2015
See if this helps -

Check out "Iwantim Messenger"

#11 EarlyMon, Mar 4, 2015
this is the perfect solution THANKS!
#12 theimmortalbg, Mar 4, 2015
You're welcome. :)
#13 EarlyMon, Mar 4, 2015
in fact this messanger no longer works. Now I cannot log to my skype account from there. So this sux. Someone with better ideas ?
#14 theimmortalbg, Mar 7, 2015