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Support How do i turn on cellular radio?

I bought a Moto X refurbished and it will not connect to cell service. I know the SIM is fine because it works on other phones regardless of carrier. When i try to make a call, it says 'Radio off' above the contact, and it tells me to turn off airplane mode (even though it's not on).

I tried the whole #*#*6436#*#* thing, and it says Radio off but won't let me turn it on. It looks like the device isn't recognizing its IMEI number either, though the phone came with one.

What do i do? I've been on the phone with AT&T for 2 hours and they haven't been able to help.

Thanks in advance.


#1 Ellyhutch, Aug 12, 2017
Hi Elly -

Before I get down to brass tacks, can you supply the details of the conversation you had with ATT? -- I'd hate to waste your time by making a recommendation, then find you'd already gone that direction with ATT.

#2 david nist, Aug 12, 2017
Thanks for responding, David. They were really not helpful. I asked him about the radio situation etc and he sent my request to the higher ups. Who knows how long their advice could take...
#3 Ellyhutch, Aug 12, 2017
I hear ya....

Let's go over some basics that'll seem super obvious to you, but I'm coming up from the basement, and have no information to work with yet. :)

I'll assume you've already checked the following with your own eyeballs:

1. The device does not report any errors on bootup
2. The device boots like any other smartphone you've had in the past
3. You've checked the notification bar at the top of the screen and do NOT see the SIM card icon

Do me this favor and follow these steps before we get to the nitty-gritty.

1. Power down the phone
2. Remove the battery for 10-15 secs
3. Remove the SIM card
4. Power the phone up and let it sit for a minute or two
5. eyeball the error msg and tap the SIM card icon in the notification bar
6. read the error msg
7. power down the phone
8. remove the battery for 10-15 secs
9. insert the SIM card
10. Power up the phone
11. Take a note and write out the observed differences between the two bootup sequences
12. Reply to this thread with your findings


#4 david nist, Aug 12, 2017
Is your IMEI number really all zeros or did you mask it out? If it is all zeros, that is the problem and you should return it for exchange, the refurbisher messed up the ROM flash or something.
#5 acejavelin, Aug 12, 2017