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General How do I set up my voicemail

How do I set up my voicemail on my phone?? I've tried under settings-voicemail and then it asks me for a phone number and I'm not sure what number to plug in there. Where can I go to leave my personal greeting for my voicemail. I'm having no luck with this.


#1 firemedic1, Nov 21, 2011
Open the phone dialer and press and hold the number 1 until it starts dialing, that's how you call your voicemail. It will give you voice promps on how to get your voicemail setup.
#2 916x10, Nov 22, 2011
I just tried this and it would go maybe seconds and then beep out, now my battery was low but can I need to know two things: how to set a personal greeting and how to retrieve my voicemail. Thanks, I'll look into it more but any input would be great , Im an iphone transfer so this is a little diff for me.
#3 firemedic1, Nov 23, 2011
Do exactly what I said, it will walk you through the process
#4 916x10, Nov 23, 2011
Use Google Voice....
#5 tyneusch, Dec 8, 2011