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How do I save current location in google maps?

On my previous phone, using OVI Maps, I could save my current location, give it a name, sync it with the an OVi server etc.

I can't seem to find any way to do that in google maps on Android. Am I missing something?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S with Google Maps 5.5.0 #5507.


#1 smitjb, Jun 11, 2011
When you are in Google maps, click on your location And you get the details page. In the upper right corner there is an outline of a star. Touch that and it turns yellow and adds that location to "Starred places". You can access it anytime from maps by going to menu>starred places.
#2 lunatic59, Jun 11, 2011
As far as I can tell, that only works for places which are already known to google (restaurants, bars, schools, stations etc). I've used it to tag favourite places, or places I'm planning to go to.

There is no star to tap on when viewing your own location.
#3 smitjb, Jun 11, 2011
Zoom in close enough so that when you touch the screen the address in a rectangle appears. Touch the rectangle, touch the star
#4 jalann, Jun 11, 2011
Thank you for the above update. I was able to save this in my account.
I also wanted to rename the location that I have saved with a name that I can remember ora comman / popular name
#5 Vineetkjain, Jun 2, 2012
You can do it on a PC, using My Places on Google Maps
#6 chanchan05, Jun 2, 2012
I use 'Place Saver' for this.
A little app with this renaming feature which is lacking in Maps.

In Google Maps go to the details of your location, to 'Share' and choose 'Place Saver'

#7 Harry2, Jun 2, 2012