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Support HELP! USB Icon not in top menu when plugged in

Hey everyone I am an android noob and I need help. when plugging in my phone (captivate) to my usb on my desktop I am not getting the option to mount in my top menu. All it does is charge. How can I get that back?


#1 broham, Dec 19, 2010
You need to change your USB settings to "Ask on Connection". I'd give you the exact steps to get there and change the settings, but my ROM is different than yours and the menus changed, and I don't have that great of memory.

It should be something like:
Settings -> Applications -> USB Settings? (This is where my phone differs) -> Ask on Connection

Someone should come in here and give you the accurate path if you still need it. I"m sure once you get into the Applications setting, you can poke your way around and find it.
#2 NorCal Einstein, Dec 19, 2010
Ok thanks I tried that and still nothing in the menu =[
#3 broham, Dec 19, 2010
Menu>Settings>Applications>USB Settings>Then choose 'Ask on connection'.

It's right there.
#4 La Luna, Dec 19, 2010
Thanks. I did that and I still don't see the usb icon when I plug it in. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the phone now.
#5 broham, Dec 20, 2010
Try a different USB cable. Yours might be bad.

Try different USB ports on the computer, specifically ones on the back. People have noted issues with some computers' front USB ports.
#6 sremick, Dec 20, 2010
I am using the back port. I think maybe its a cable problem but I'm not sure. The reason I think this is because I'm using a universal charger cable. The cable that came with the phone (which I had left at work all weekend) when plugged in offered the mount option. And I left it work again :eek: I don't know if that is what it is but again I'm new to the smart phone world and still learning.
#7 broham, Dec 20, 2010
That's probably it then. You've got one of those charge-only cables with the pins wired such that they charge full-current... fast, but makes them useless for anything other than charging. They aren't a real USB cable with all the pins wired so that you can use it for data. A real USB cable has to conform to the USB spec which limits the volts/current.
#8 sremick, Dec 20, 2010
I'm having the same issue - the phone only charges when plugged into the computer, no mount options, no USB symbol in the notification bar, nothing on the computer to indicate the device is plugged into it. The phone just acts likes it's plugged into the wall. I've browsed forums for hours and haven't found a solution for it yet. I've tried all the different USB settings, tried reinstalling drivers, tried different ports, tried different cables, tried different computers. I even took it to the ATT store and the guy there hooked it up to his and it did the same thing. I think mine must be a hardware issue. It's still under warranty, so he told me to call and get it replaced.

Mine is the stock Captivate Android (2.1 - ECLAIR.UCJH7), unrooted. It connected fine up until a few days ago - I've had the phone since the end of August. Does anybody have any other ideas before I try to get it swapped out? Thanks for the advice.
#9 generaltn, Jan 7, 2011
Sounds like some of the pins/contacts on the USB port on the Captivate are bad.
#10 sremick, Jan 7, 2011
Something's wrong with it. I called ATT and we did a factory reset. That didn't fix it either, so they're sending me a replacement phone. I have to say, I've had some problems with this phone, but ATT's customer service has been outstanding. They've answered right away, they make sure they're taking care of you, they'll set up a time to call you back in a few days to make sure everything is still working correctly. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was expecting long wait times and crappy service. My experience was quite the opposite.
#11 generaltn, Jan 13, 2011
follow the steps for android 2.2:
goto menu --> settings --> applications --> development --> select USB debugging --> press Ok on asked notification
now go back to main screen and connect USB
open notification bar and select "USB connected" --> click on "Turn on USB storage" --> ok in notification asked

now goto "MY computer" and let me know if u see USB drive now

#12 karan_, Apr 14, 2011
I'm having same problem with a twist. My Captivate settings are debugging off and Mass Storage selected for USB. When cable is plugged into phone and computer nothing absolutely nothing happens with phone or computer. However, when cable is plugged into its electrical "thing" which is plugged into electrical outlet and I plug phone in to charge overnight the USB connect sometimes appears in the Notification Bar.:mad: What's up? I have spent hrs trying to find answers. This site is my last ditch effort. Otherwise, guess I'll have to use email capabilities to transfer my pics on phone to computer. Do u have any idea how long that is gonna take....
#13 lady-z, Jun 23, 2011
Hi Lady-Z,
If you have a wireless network at home, you could use something like Wireless File Transfer Lite to transfer files. That would go a lot faster than emailing them to yourself.
#14 generaltn, Jun 27, 2011