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Handcent vs. GoSMS -- which do you prefer?

Hi all! My name is Ashley and I am new to the forums. I recently started using Handcent and really enjoy it and all of the customization available with it. Today, however, a friend of mine (who is really into androids and is a techno-geek) recommended that I switch to Go SMS. He said, and I quote, "it's got all of Handcent's features plus more and is snappier overall." I was just wondering what you guys thought of Handcent compared to Go SMS? The only things about Handcent I can think that I don't like are the text message counter, the inability to have it start deleting texts after a certain number (like in the stock messaging app), and the ads. Still, I do love the app. Do you recommend Handcent or Go SMS? Why?

Thanks in advance for your help!


#1 classicfilmbro, Dec 9, 2011
Personally I prefer GoSMS over Handscent. I can't really give you any specific reason why though.

GoSMS is free though - no reason not give it a try and see what you think.
#2 fdbryant3, Dec 9, 2011
That is exactly how I compare Go and Handcent.
#3 chrlswltrs, Dec 9, 2011
Yup. Switched to Go simply because its faster, and less lags.
#4 chanchan05, Dec 9, 2011
I guess I'm going to be the odd one here, I really like Handscent, even though I haven't tried Go SMS. I will admit that sometimes it lags, which isn't a problem for me.
#5 itsallgood, Dec 9, 2011

I don't think you can really say which one would be better if you haven't tried both.
#6 chanchan05, Dec 9, 2011
i have try both and i recommend Hand scent for sure first thing with go they keep updating all a time and now i can not use my spam filter go is a little faster but i delete my texts after reading them so its not really that noticeable to me and its nice again to be able to use my spam filter also Hand scent has tons of themes so you can change the look of it and far as ads you pay one time fee and they are gone i know it cost but it was worth it to me
#7 mrgigabyte, Dec 10, 2011
I really liked Handcent for a long time until I got my droid X, when that was released there was time stamp problems so I tried some others. I paid for chomp, but the paid version of chomp was identical to Handcent, then I tried Go SMS and was pleasantly surprised.

There isn't ads in Go, and you can pay for themes (I bought one) or you can create your own totally free.

Other advantages of Go: scheduled SMS (send later), private inbox so that you can protect messages from certain numbers, etc. There are more (chat, Facebook, etc), but those are the ones I have used.
#8 chrlswltrs, Dec 10, 2011
Your right, but I gave my humble opinion. It meets my needs and that was my point. To be honest none of us can really say which is better or not truthfully, since all of us have different needs and expectations. We are all giving our opinions to help others. The OP will have to try them out to determain which would be better for them.
#9 itsallgood, Dec 10, 2011
I prefer Go partly because it's snappier and the other part I don't know why.
#10 Sak01, Dec 10, 2011
I wasn't being offensive. I just pointed that out.

You could have pointed out at least why it was still good for you. You just said that you didnt mind the lag, which didn't really help Handcent's cause at all, as you did verify it lags a bit.
#11 chanchan05, Dec 10, 2011
prefer Go cos it feels just that little bit more customizable. handcent is still pretty decent though.
#12 simes6600, Dec 11, 2011
Only thing I have against Go is how blatantly they copied Handcent (I haven't got Chomp to compare). I remember when they first released it thinking "they have the same options in their menus in the same order, same customisation options, cannot be a coincidence". They've added a few things since, but their starting point was too close to be just convergence.

Both work well though.
#13 Hadron, Dec 11, 2011
I do see your point and you are right. (I was thinking since others mentioned some of the features, I didn't want to repeat them.) What I like about Handcent is the customization, scheduled task, themes, saving of your settings, you can have a different background for the conversation and notice list. You can change the conversation style and color, font size and create groups. I really love the pop-up notification over the lock screen with full function to answer back without having to unlock my phone. Like the speech to text and text to speech. It even has this pull up tab for a much larger space to type in.
#14 itsallgood, Dec 11, 2011
Why innovate when you can make a good thing better?
#15 Sak01, Dec 11, 2011
I prefer go, because it is free, and it has free themes too, as well as paid ones....I have almost all their stuff....go launcher, go weather, go sms, all free and awesome! Handcent was ok, but go is just better.
#16 danaj, Dec 11, 2011

Steve is that you? ;-)
#17 chanchan05, Dec 12, 2011
Hehe. Tell them kids to stop using the damn Ouji Board.
#18 Sak01, Dec 12, 2011
I actually like the stock gingerbread SMS but I supplement it with the Go SMS widget standalone app
#19 omnius, Dec 12, 2011
Sorry to bring this up again. With Go SMS is there a way to speak your texts like in the stock messages app?
#20 FeedbakBWR, Jun 13, 2012
Sorry all figured it out. I was pushing the wrong microphone button. Need to push the one on the keyboard of my HOX and not the one in gosms.
#21 FeedbakBWR, Jun 13, 2012
Tried them all and GoSms is the better app with out a question you wont be disappointed.

Edit: You where not lied to it is a great program,i have never received spam texts from GoSms or any app for that mater nor do i see any advertisements ever.I realy dont know what the above person is talking about!any way give it a try and see how you like it every body's needs and style are different so just try it out and if its for you then keep it.Have a great Day...
#22 justtom, Jun 17, 2012
Your friend didn't lie to you. Both apps are excellent and have pretty much the same features. Try both and see which you prefer. From reading the forums it seems that most say that GoSMS is faster. Plus you don't have the ads.
#23 rlb4, Jun 18, 2012
Hi Guys and Gals! I am new here as well, but not new to the Android scene. I have had a Galaxy S and now own a Galaxy Tab, for both instances, I use Go SMS. Its just the best out there. Some would say its cluttered with services, but who can say no to a swiss-army knife sort of app? It works for both small and large displays up to 7". Then again, the largest phone IS 7". :)
#24 korrupTed, Jun 19, 2012
hello! :p

i havent tried handcent but ive been using gosms since i started using android phone. The app is good, I can send free mms (picture msg), voice rec, video, and greeting cards for free since i use gochat... the only thing is that unlike whatsapp where "pending" msgs will be sent as soon as the internet connection gets well, while the "pending" msgs sent tru gochat will just stay "pending" if not delivered within 10 secs..
is there anybody here who experience the same? thanks!
#25 INvinter23, Jun 19, 2012