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Root [Guide] How To Root Your ZMAX & List of ROMs

Root Guide
Because the ZMAX has a write protected system partition, Kingroot can only get you Temporary Root. Temporary Root is root that only lasts until you reboot the phone and is then lost. In order to get permanent root that isn't lost when you reboot or reset the phone, we need to install TWRP and use it to flash SuperSU.

[1] Download and install the newest version of Kingroot
from: http://goo.gl/uaUIs2

[2] Download and install ZTE ZMAX TWRP Recovery
from: http://goo.gl/0FsViN

[3] Download UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip
from: http://goo.gl/vcjCwb

[4] Open and run Kingroot (might not work the first time)
If Kingroot succeeds then skip to step 6

[5] If Kingroot fails, go to app drawer, long press on Kingroot icon and drag it to the top of your screen where it says "app info." Then clear cache and data for Kingroot, turn the phone off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on. Repeat steps 4 & 5 as many times as necessary.

[6] Open ZTE ZMAX TWRP Recovery and click "Install Recovery" and grant root access. You should then see a popup that says "success." Once you have TWRP installed you never will need Kingroot again.

[7] Go back to app drawer and uninstall Kingroot and Purify.

[8] To reboot into TWRP, power off the phone, then press and hold the power and volume up buttons until you feel the phone vibrate, then let go of the power button while continuing to hold the volume up button for approximately ten more seconds.

[9] Once you are in TWRP recovery, tap the "Backup" button and select System, Data, and Boot (select SD card as backup location if you have one) and swipe to make the backup.

[10] Go back to the main screen in TWRP, press the "Install" button, navigate to the Download folder on your internal storage, tap on "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip", and then swipe to install.

[11] Reboot System and enjoy.

ROMS (Stock & Custom)
KitKat ROMs:
Butternoob(Based on Stock ROM): http://goo.gl/cbqCrP
PAC-ROM(4.4.4): goo.gl/NCYTAs

Lollipop ROMs:
AICP(5.1.1): goo.gl/2APSAK
Blisspoop(5.1.1): goo.gl/16qFRb

Candy5(5.1.1): goo.gl/mi7lZm
Cyanogenmod12.1 RC5(5.1.1): goo.gl/AouWRf
Cyanogenmod12.1 RC6(5.1.1): goo.gl/ycQ5Fa
Carbon ROM(5.1.1): http://goo.gl/a6PSAK
PAC-ROM(5.1.1): goo.gl/6eUGqw
Resurrection Remix(5.1.1): goo.gl/kzmN5a
SlimROM(5.0.2): goo.gl/VeO4O7
Synthetic-OS(5.1.1)(Based on AICP): goo.gl/GpT4H9

ROMs With Stagefright Fixes:
Cyanogenmod12.1 RC6
Resurrection Remix

Stock ROMs:
MetroPCS Stock(4.4.4)(pre-rooted): goo.gl/C9kRZa
MetroPCS &T-Mobile Factory Stock(unrooted): goo.gl/hautSt
How To Flash A ROM
NOTE: If you have been using switchers to get system r/w you need to either flash the appropriate restore zip or reinstall twrp to your recovery partition with the installer app before you proceed.

Download ROM and GApps(Google apps package)
Reboot to recovery
Make a backup of your current system configuration
Wipe System, Data, Cache, and Dalvik-Cache
Flash ROM first then flash GApps
Reboot System and wait for ROM to boot up completely
(optional)Flash the switcher for your ROM and reboot recovery




#1 Masterchief87, May 11, 2015 Last edited: Nov 29, 2015
Thread restart as discussed.
#2 EarlyMon, May 16, 2015
I'm not sure if this belongs here, and if not please delete. I rooted using the Kingroot app, then installed TWRP, installing the SU update after. I have rebooted a few times to check and see if I have lost root, and I haven't. Should I use the ZTEROOT method instead? If so, can I install over the Kingroot method? I do not have access to a PC at the moment due to losing the power cord. Just kinda curious of the differences. Thanks ahead of time.
#3 Flablitz, May 16, 2015

No.. My script won't do anything for you if your already perm rooted
#4 xtremeasure, May 16, 2015
Well I need some help I couldn't get temp root , it kept falling!!

Edit : got it to work
#5 master odysues, May 16, 2015 Last edited: May 16, 2015
Is there any advantages or disadvantages from using Kingroot instead of the script? Or do they both achieve the same thing?
#6 Flablitz, May 17, 2015
The script will only give you permanent root ,you need temp root in order for it to function
#7 master odysues, May 17, 2015
I think it would be wise to advise noobs to play it safe and use the twrp method. Just a suggestion.
Giving someone without experience full root capabilities without a custom recovery is kind of like giving a 16yr old a new Lamborghini without seatbelts or airbags.
Like I said it's up to you just trying to look out for others.
#8 Masterchief87, May 18, 2015
Suggestion accepted , done
#9 master odysues, May 18, 2015
Had to comment to day LOL that's the best analogy I've heard in a long time...
#10 xtremeasure, May 18, 2015
@Masterchief87 , then how do I refer to the files you made ??
#11 master odysues, May 19, 2015
I guess the simplest way to put it would be that I did not modify twrp or the boot.img, I just modified the way that they are installed.
#12 Masterchief87, May 19, 2015
alright ,but I was thinking since you made does changes , shouldnt there be a way to refer to it as simple as possible? But is up to you I'll just refer to like that.
#13 master odysues, May 19, 2015 Last edited: May 19, 2015
The way you have it in the op seems fine. I just don't want anyone giving me credit for hroark13's work. Someone already asked me to put up a donation link and I told him to give it to hroark13 or another one of the devs that helped us get to where we are. Honestly I hope someone can come up with a better method that will make mine obsolete. A boot loader unlock would be nice but I don't think ZTE wants to unlock it. If they want to experience the success that brands like Samsung and Google have they will have to start unlocking bootloaders and providing stock firmwares for users to fix their own devices.
#14 Masterchief87, May 19, 2015
I don't know the source but I heard that zte don't mind the unlock boot loader but is up to metro and or T-Mobile to allow it
#15 master odysues, May 20, 2015
Just think of how many zmax have been turned into oversized paperweights and how much less that would happen if the bootloader was unlocked. Tsk tsk...
It would really be awesome if they provided access to fastboot also.
#16 Masterchief87, May 20, 2015
Yes indeed all this would be much easier to develop and less ppl would have "oversize paper weights " but guess what master not happening any time soon I feel T-Mobile is not going not going to budge into this . I asked a rep while back about this she said that she can't give that info , and well there's always that one crazy Dev with lots of spare time and will figure how to unlook the boot loader unofficially. But I doubt that's going to happen any time soon , I mean look how long it took a dev to stand up and make this rootable ! Imaging if we had to wait for that to happen !
#17 master odysues, May 20, 2015
Honestly I think it has more to do with zte. Metro isn't exactly famous for phones with unlocked bootloaders but T-Mobile seems to not care as much about whether the bootloader is locked or not. Just look at att I think almost all of their phones come locked down from what I've read.
#18 Masterchief87, May 20, 2015
Very true , actually now that I remember MetroPCS is against rooting and all this sort of stuff . back before it was Bought by T-Mobile in there website they had warnings , that if a devices sold and used in their network their account would be terminated
#19 master odysues, May 20, 2015
Exactly... Whenever I JUMP into a new phone, they have not one time checked to see if it was rooted. They look at it, see that it works, and that's that. I have JUMPed out of 4 rooted phones... I've been a customer 4 years and have rooted each of my phones and they took them all without a hitch.
#20 auburn2eugene, May 22, 2015
Hey I posted flashable stock ROMs for T-Mobile and MetroPCS if you wanna add em to your list.
#21 Masterchief87, Jun 2, 2015
Help anyone I am struggling with obtaining root. For the past week.!!!

Not my first rodeo with the root on this phone so let me give some history. I have obtained root twice once by curiosity the second following your instructions for perment root. I have tried butternoob v1&2 and cm12. I am back to stock 4.4.4 for metro. I have twrp 2.8.6 custom recovery. I have used every method known to this forum... Fresh factory restore after restore, Uninstall after install of kingroot both 4.0 & 4.1, data and cache clears, power on and off (no restarts). Browsers with 25 tabs, multiple launchers, atutu, ram-eater, playstation emulators, task killer killers, with ram at 5% threshold. With no amount of luck to get past 50-58%. Wth am I missing???? Any help please woild be greatly appreciated. Thank you
#22 jbryant772, Jun 10, 2015
According to your post you already have twrp 2.8.6 installed so all you need to do is flash supersu.
#23 Masterchief87, Jun 11, 2015
Masterchief thanks for the reply. I thought the same thing. So I flashed it and everything reads successful. But when I reboot back into system the app doesn't appear. I run root checker. Nothing??? I don't get it
#24 jbryant772, Jun 11, 2015
Just so we are clear, you need to download the supersu zip from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1538053 and then flash it in twrp. If you are trying a different method then that is your problem.
#25 Masterchief87, Jun 11, 2015
Whats up, fellow zmax friends... I thought i was right on top of waiting for this to happen on this device, but somehow, i slept on it. Anyhow, I've been reading over and over the TUT to make sure i have everything in order before i attempt, like i do every time i root, and i just noticed at the bottom of the OP
" *king root apps can be uninstalled<br />* no r/w capabilities while on os only on recovery/unless masterchief87 modified twrp IMG is flashed ( credit goes to dev who made it ) "

So we CAN flash from twrp? Or what, how's this working, lol... Help me out.

Any and ALL assistance is greatly appreciated!
#34 hammerdroid, Jul 12, 2015