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Support Galaxy Core Prime Lollipop Update?

Here is a link to the lollipop update for the Galaxy Core Prime European Version of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone is there a wa t my question is is there a way that this can be used to create a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime us version SM-S820L? If so any help in getting this accomplished would make you about the most awesome person alive cause I am definitely not capable of that kind of thing yet lol and thanks in advance for any answers!



#1 ToshibTrvAT105, Nov 29, 2015
The core primes lollipop upgrade has already started rolling out in the U.S it just depends on your carrier when you will get it.
#2 MLSS, Nov 29, 2015
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I would but I am currently rooted at the moment and my ROM status is now "Custom" instead of "Official" and I have no stock.img to restore it, now I hear there is a way to bypass this by intstalling Xposed Installer which allows you to install Xposed Framework so that you can apply a security hack with Wannam Xposed app that allows you to show as official so that you can still get ota updates now I am not sure if this works or not because I still haven't found a reliable backup method for this phone yet so I have not attempted to do this yet so I do not know if it will work or not to fix the issue but I am not willing to go any further until I do a backup any suggestions would be appreciated the only other way I could see to fix this is to flash the stock rom back to the phone but to do that I need a link to a copy of the Stock.image for the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L Straight Talk and a trustworthy recovery so that I can do backups and I should be good to go again but finding that file has proved troublesome because it seems a US version of this file that is specific to my carrier is non existent at the moment hence my need for assistance on this one, thanks for your response it was greatly appreciated maybe this will explain my situation a little better.
#3 ToshibTrvAT105, Nov 29, 2015
sorry op was an accident
#4 ToshibTrvAT105, Nov 29, 2015
Have you tried Samsung?
Or Sam mobile?
#5 MLSS, Nov 29, 2015
Yes but nothing available for my model at the time there is nothing on Cyanogenmod either.
#6 ToshibTrvAT105, Nov 29, 2015
Had a junior Member on another site tell me to do this If you have root access, ls -l /dev/block/platform/7824900.sdhci/by-name/. Find which partition of the recovery, it happens to be 17. Now use the dd command: dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/storage/extSdCard/recovery.img. what does this command do?
#7 ToshibTrvAT105, Nov 30, 2015
I just got off the phone with straight talk they told me that the updates come from Samsung and that the phone is not on a "Carrier ROM" but rather a "Samsung Factory ROM" so this is interesting they are telling me that any universal update file (meaning any firmware upgrade file that is not locked to a specific carrier) can be used to update the phone correct?
#8 ToshibTrvAT105, Dec 1, 2015
Try this at you own risk I will not be held responsible for damage to your phone that was caused by your own negligence and the failure to do your own due diligence. Therefore it is HIGHLY advised that you make a full back up before trying any of the steps below or downloading and installing any apk files to your phone from any unknown sources on the web or elsewhere:

Ok I have found a way to un root and get custom phone status back to official without flashing the stock firmware this is only confirmed to work for the Straight Talk model of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L this is for those of you who like me have been stuck for days because you rooted without doing a backup (such a noob move of me) and are trying to figure out how to get your phone status back to "official" so that you can check for OTA from your phone once again. To so this you first need to be rooted using SuperSU My method was the Kingroot method described here then once you are rooted you need to go here and get Xposed installer .apk download the installer and install it once installed open the app and look for the modules button and press it look for wanam module and check the box press back and then click on the the Xposed Framework you need this for the fix to be able to work it will take you to a warning page click ok and then click the install button it will install and then when it is finished it will reboot.

Once the device has rebooted you need to go to the play store and download Wanam Xposed app once you have this installed open the app and go to security hacks button and touch it then tick the false system status and the disable secure storage box then reboot.

After you have rebooted go to your phones settings tab and check the phone status it may say scanning this is normal after a minute or so you should see it say official.
Finally to make it literally official you need to un root your device to do this open the SuperSu app in your app drawer and touch the settings button then scroll down to where it says full unroot do it.

Once this is done remove any remaining Icons to the trash now reboot once more when you are rebooted and back on the device go into your settings menu once again and check the phone status it should still say official now go and try to update your phone and you will see that it no longer gives you the annoying messages about your system being modified in an unauthorized way and will check for updates as normal once again, hope this helps anyone who has been as frustrated as I have been about this whole thing.

#9 ToshibTrvAT105, Dec 2, 2015
#10 konan jokanan, Mar 11, 2016
salut je voudrait desimlocker mon galaxy core prime quitter au Etat-unis mais publier par tracfone
#11 konan jokanan, Mar 11, 2016