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[Free][App] SMS text Analysis Apps

I've made a series of Apps that analyse your SMS text messages & then give you the results in various charts and text displays.

I'll introduce each app in this thread but here's the link to find all of them


V1.4 released. Performance update and fixed bug with app hanging after analysis of large data.


#1 big_treacle, Apr 17, 2013
Love Analysis will read all your messages and calculate a score based on the amount of love words they contain. You can compare contacts and see who is most loving. Or if they send you more love than you receive.


#2 big_treacle, Apr 17, 2013
Booze Analysis will let you know who is your drunkest friend. Or maybe you're more of an alky than them.



#4 big_treacle, Apr 17, 2013
Pet Analysis.... yeah it tells you who discusses animals the most. Not entirely sure this will be that popular lol


#5 big_treacle, Apr 17, 2013
Version 1.3 out now. View stats on swear words, love words etc. Some bugs fixed & expanded analysis database.
#6 big_treacle, Apr 22, 2013
V1.4 released. Performance update and fixed bug with app hanging after analysis of large data.
#7 big_treacle, Apr 24, 2013