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Support Error. To start android, enter password

I have bought brand new Samsung j7 mobile last month. And yestersay I was thinking about to sell it out. So I have done factory reset on my Samsung j7, after all process are done. I restarted my phone and then i got an error after Samsung logo appears,
( To start android, entre your password ).
I dont know what to do. I put some default password and tried several things. But I can't getting any result also I did several times factory reset from recovery mode but nothing responce. Android is always asking the password to start android. Please help me if some one have some solution


#1 Ali is here, Mar 14, 2016

See this thread: http://androidforums.com/threads/galaxy-s6-frp-lock.1009083/#post-7244862
#2 Brian706, Mar 14, 2016