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General Disabled apps return

I have a problem when I disable apps (bloatware) that I don't use, like Twitter, Google play games, and others. After a few days, they reappear in the app drawer and I have to disable them again. But after a while they keep returning.

Anyone else seeing this happen? Is there a solution to this that doesn't require root? Is it a KitKat or a Sense bug?

Thanks in advance.


#1 vosg, May 15, 2014
Personally I use a 3rd arty launcher (Nova Prime) and never have that issue. If you are worried about losing Blinkfeed you can do this: Restore Blinkfeed using Nova Launcher.
#2 SolApathy, May 15, 2014
I also use a third party launcher (Apex) but I don't think it has anything to do with that. Thanks for answering though.
#3 vosg, May 15, 2014
Actually this may be the problem. Apex has it's own app drawer customization.
Tap on Drawer settings within the app drawer and then Hidden apps. Now simply scroll down the list and put a tick in the checkbox next to any app you want removed from the app drawer.

Is this the setting you were using to hide apps? If not use it to hide them :)
#4 SolApathy, May 15, 2014
You need to disable backup for your phone. It's restoring your apps.
#5 Tlicious1020, May 15, 2014
Thanks for all the replies. The way I disable the apps is in settings / app manager. I don't use these apps and I don't want to download any updates for them. This has nothing to do with what launcher I use. I've tried Nova, Blinkfeed and Apex. And backup/restore are off.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to live with it...
#6 vosg, May 15, 2014
While in apps did you deselect notifications? In the play store do you give it permission to update all of your apps or only permitted certain apps to update automatically?
#7 Tlicious1020, May 15, 2014
No I didn't disable notifications for these apps. I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion. In Play store I have auto updates off.
#8 vosg, May 16, 2014
Solved! I disabled notifications for the apps I disabled. This seems to work. The apps don't re-enable themselves any more.

Thanks again for all your input guys.
#9 vosg, May 17, 2014