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Tips Disable Fast Charging

Is it possible to disable fast charging? In the settings, fast charging is checked but in a grey box. I have the Verizon version. Thank you.



#1 GoneFishing2, Dec 28, 2014
Since that option is greyed-out,I'm guessing the short answer is no.
If you root your phone &/or install a modified stock O/S, an app or XPOSED Module MAY give you the option.
I'm also gonna guess there's a mod to the build.prop that'll enable the option to be changed.
My (T-MOBILE) Note4 is rooted & running a modified stock ROM & I have the option to check/un-check fast charging.Not sure if it existed before rooting/ROMMING.
#2 KOLIO, Dec 28, 2014
Is it grayed out because it's not on a fast charger so it doesn't matter?
#3 EarlyMon, Dec 28, 2014
It's extremely easy to disable fast charging.

Use a standard charger.
#4 Palmetto Fellow, Dec 28, 2014
I haven't even taken mine (Quick Charger) out of the box.
I use the wireless charging & spare battery.
As a matter of fact, according to the app PHONE INFO, the phone has been plugged-in only 50 times & most of that was for using ODIN or, x-ferring data/backups to my desktop.

Was gonna suggest trying a normal 1.8-2.0a charger, but frankly, I have no real memory of the charge times using one.

If you're concerned about premature degradation of the battery or USB port, wireless charging is the way to go.

I use the OEM SAMSUNG QI-ENABLED Battery Cover/TYLT QI Charger & a small desktop fan placed near the charger to keep (phone) temperatures at or near ambient air temperature while charging.
The temps w/o the fan stay within normal/acceptable parameters,but,a little cooling wouldn't hurt & likely helps overall long-term health of both phone & battery.
#5 KOLIO, Dec 28, 2014
Do we know that fast charging degrades batteries or is it a fear because it's relatively new?
#6 EarlyMon, Dec 28, 2014
Technically, charging batteries degrades them right? I believe you only get so many charge cycles.
I assume that there's extra heat generated with the fast charge, which generally breaks things down.
Also, I don't really care. I figure Samsung has done the testing, and it's within acceptable parameters.

I'll take the fast charge even if it means my battery dies an earlier death.

Removable batteries and all that :)
#7 Palmetto Fellow, Dec 28, 2014
To quote an infamous military figure:

I Know Nutttttinggggg!
Seriously,I think you nailed it, not enough data available to make a determination one way or the other,regarding quick charging.

I'm not averse to using it,I just prefer wireless charging & the phone does get considerably warmer vs normal charging.
As for wireless vs quick charging, I have no experiences to compare temperatures,having never used it, not even w/my OPPO FIND 7.

My battery rarely falls below 30% before I'm done for the day & a full charge w/the equipment I listed above takes about two hours or slightly less to get from 5-10% to a full charge.
Kinda hard to find a top-shelf phone that doesn't get decent to awesome battery life,I'd say anything from the HTC ONE M8 to any other flagship afterwards is in that category.
The quick charge is a nice option,if you need it.
#8 KOLIO, Dec 28, 2014
Yeah, we all know from past history and charge cycling that there are limits.

But on other battery technologies, that's driven by chemistry - the metal starts to sluff off during discharge, continues, and then can't be reconstructed properly (charging reverses the chemistry and rebuilds the metals).

Heat is our enemy with this technology not because of chemistry - but rather a mechanical reason.

The metal here is made up of VERY tiny tubing - and those tubes can degrade in shape under undue heat (whether charging or discharging).

So yes you make a good point - and I'd love to see some independent heat measurements when charging both ways.

Despite always going back to HTC at purchasing time, replaceable batteries has earned my undying respect for Samsung - they have never sold out on this issue.

Turns out that I can now enjoy fast charging on my HTC (not there at phone introduction) but I won't - one, it charges fast enough, two, I'm scared without evidence of what the repercussions are, and three - I'm stuck with a fixed battery.

And while I've been well-served with a fixed battery for two and a half years, I'm reluctant to take chances because of reason three above - so, sorry to post without being a Samsung user but this subject really intrigues me. :eek:
#9 EarlyMon, Dec 29, 2014
No apologies necessary.
I'm glad to see/hear a discussion on this,rather than battery life between charging.
IMHO, as I eluded to, I think the discussion on battery life between charges is one horse that has been beaten long enough.
Barring a misbehaving app,most phones nowadays seem to get through a typical day.
Even my LG F6 does just fine on a JELLY BEAN 4.1.2 ROM (XPERION). Best $40/bang for the buck I've lucked out on in quite a while.

As for the removable battery, it's always nice to have the option, but, as battery life has greatly improved in the last year or so, that feature has moved way down on my priority list, leaving HTC in the mix for my next phone.

Now,my apologies to the OP for the sidetrack.

Was there a particular reason as to why you wanted to uncheck the quick charge option?
Choice is a good thing,one of the main attractions to ANDROID devices, it's a shame that the option to turn it off is unavailable to you.
#10 KOLIO, Dec 29, 2014 Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2014
OP. The option is grayed out when the charger is connected to stop you from switching charging modes. Have you tried disconnecting the charger?
#11 Silver Surfer, Dec 29, 2014
+1 THIS!
FWIW, I just tried it out on mine & it does this w/both standard charging & wireless.

I was quick to jump the gun, assuming that VZW, for whatever reason, had disabled the user option to choose quick charging.
Typically,but not always,if an option is greyed-out, it's not available for use/etc... w/o rooting/alternative non-OEM work-arounds.
#12 KOLIO, Dec 29, 2014
That solved it. So obvious yet I didn't even think about it. Thank you!
#13 GoneFishing2, Dec 29, 2014
ok so to jump on my phone was replaced by warranty and the grey box is on and the phone wont fast charge anymore. I cant turn the grey box on though. Same charger as before but phone wont charge like it used to.
#14 HAT MAN, Jan 23, 2015
It is possible. Your phone has to be UNPLUGGED to do it. Goto settings > power saving. Uncheck the box. Then plug your phone back in.
#15 Eighty_K, Sep 28, 2015