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Device status:Custom

I recently unrooted using the stock gc01 restore and for about a week it was saying device status official. But all of a sudden it says device status custom. I don't know how or why. Weird. Is there any way I can change it back to official?


#1 jaman29, Jun 13, 2013
Yellow triangle will fix that but you need to be rooted, check the one stop shop thread for the link.


1-Use Framaroot to root your device.
2- use yellow triangle to fix your issue.
3- use framaroot again to unroot.

Now you should be unrooted and device status: official!

Good luck.
#2 oamilcar, Jun 13, 2013
I tried that. Didn't work. Tried multiple times.
#3 jaman29, Jun 14, 2013

Just root your device and use triangle away then unroot your device.

Sticky are your best friend
#4 exgenmeikoj, Jun 14, 2013
Tried that. Didn't work. Tried it multiple times.
#5 jaman29, Jun 16, 2013
You could try clearing your flash count with Triangle away, then FLASH the phone back to FG31 ICS stock and let the ota update take you to the current ICS build then do the kies update to JB. That would be a long process though.. I know back before JB I did that once for my phone so I could update (I had rooted my phone just after activating it the first time), and it said it was official then.
#6 Codegerm, Jun 16, 2013
I use triangle away myself and my device status is custom so I'm not sure if the modded kernel has anything to do with it. When I use stock kernel it show up as official.
#7 AprilThe20th, Jun 17, 2013
Ok there is 2 device status.

1st one, is The one from /settings/about device/status... if you are talking about this one then triangle away won't work for this status...

2nd one, is the one you see when in download mode (odin mode), which is the one everyone should be concerned about in case your device ever needs to make a trip to samsung (taking it for repair)... this one can be easily reset to official with triangle away.
#8 oamilcar, Jun 17, 2013