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Can't reinstall skype

I installed skype and had it running on my Samsung Galaxy s phone and configured it to ask me on each outgoing call to choose if to use the cellular line or skype out. It work fine on both Wifi and G3 connection.

At some point somehow skype out became the default for outgoing calls and I couldn't figure out how to re-configure it to make calls via the cellular line.

As result a decided to un-install skype.

Afterward and since I have tried again and again to re-install skype, it downloads from market and at the end of the download tries to install and then I get a message that the installment failed due to "insufficient storage available."

I have over 12giga free space on SD an 2gig on the internal phone memory.

After not succeeding to install skype I check installing other apps and have no problem.

Any ideas on how to reinstall skype?



#1 river_one, Mar 23, 2011
#2 river_one, Mar 27, 2011
Well, I am having the same problem. did you find a solution meanwhile?

#3 supermena, Apr 13, 2011
Did you try Restarting your phone and then re-downloading it again? That usually works for me when I get that message, or I just try to download it again. And next time that happens with that app or any app you have Set as your DEFAULT app, just go to Settings, Applications and Manage Applications and choose the app you have set as Default for something. ie: Skype and select "Change or Delete Default Settings" I think it says.
#4 RJSH_1727, Apr 16, 2011
Sure, I have restarted my phone many times since, still can reinstall skype. Keeps giving me a notice that there is not enough space. But I have no problem downloading and installing other apps,.
#5 river_one, Apr 16, 2011
I run into the same problem.

when trying to re-install skype, at the end of the download I get a message that the installment failed due to "insufficient storage available."

the solution is, You need to delete the folder

after that You can re-install skype without any problems.

I used the program rootexplorer to do the job.
You might need root (superuser) rights to do the job.

yours sincerely from austria/vienna
#6 freak1966-andr, May 16, 2011

Uninstall it completely then download it again, it should work


Android Application Developer
#7 creeper, May 16, 2011
Hello Robert,

i am also facing same problem,
i have installed root browser.
But /data is already blank.

plz suggest ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
#8 itbaba, Jan 12, 2012
Errm, I'm having the same problem I downloaded skype and the sound didnt work so I uninstalled it then I wanted to download it again and it then got the part of installing skype then a message popped up saying Insufficient Storage Available. Firstly, I want to know what that means and what I should do to resolve it and by the way I have a Samsung Galaxy S.
#9 SamsungTHEBEST, Apr 13, 2012
Thanks! This totally worked for me. I didn't have skype on the device before, but it must have suffered an incomplete install, as that folder was there. I deleted it on my rooted Galaxy Tab and Skype installed perfectly. THANKS!
#10 jbrooks544, Nov 10, 2012
Installed Super Manager but it won't let me enable ROOT function... so is there another way to go or will Skype never again run on this phone?
#11 jagman653, Jun 2, 2014
Hi . I am also trying to re-install skype on my old android. But the message I'm getting is "Your device isn't compatible with this version". How can upgrade?
#12 Silvia2222, Sep 19, 2017