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Support Block numbers from Virgin Mobile account?

Is there a way to block a number via Virgin Mobile? Like put them on a blacklist that simply blocks them from reaching my number? I've been getting calls from this Saudi Arabian number (looked up the country code) at odd times (2AM and 6AM) and its really driving me nuts because I can't pick it up due to my plan not supporting international...

I'd rather not download an app because I switch ROMs frequently, I'd rather not add another thing to install when I switch a ROM.


#1 heythereitsv, Nov 25, 2012
If you save their number as a contact, you can get the option to block them.
#2 ENVi3, Nov 25, 2012
as far as changing roms there is titanium backup. im using apps2zip i can flash my apps like a gapps package
#3 kevindroid, Nov 25, 2012
Check the website, see if there's an option there. I know there used to be an option
#4 Prinny, Nov 25, 2012
Just hold on the number in the dialer and press block on the pop up menu.
#5 OverByter, Nov 25, 2012
XD well you might want to try the virgin mobile website on the my account page. I'm not sure but there could be an option there. Good luck. :)
#6 SuperAfnan, Nov 25, 2012
It's built right into the stock dialer, you can also block any text messages that you don't want doing the same thing in the stock messaging app, just hold on the person who you want to block and just choose block from the popup menu. Virgin Mobile doesn't do per call blocking and instead of a 3rd party app it's built right into Sense.
#7 OverByter, Nov 25, 2012
Aw darn. >.< Oh well then, I guess I'll just have to get used to blocking them when they call
#8 heythereitsv, Nov 25, 2012
If you already have the number in your dialer history then you just block it, if virgin did per call blocking you'd still need the number so I'm not sure that I understand your answer.
#9 OverByter, Nov 26, 2012
I called them about blocking a number. They can only block texts I think.
#10 Kahroo, Nov 26, 2012
On the VM site, they do only give you the option of blocking texts, from any number or to block all texts. Nothing about blocking actual phone numbers for calls.
#11 tuller, Nov 26, 2012
You can do it right from the phones dialer, Virgin will not do per call blocking.
#12 OverByter, Nov 26, 2012