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Automated message "I'm driving" whenever I'm driving

Does such an app exist? Whenever I'm driving, I'd like my phone to not answer and redirect all callers to a default message along the lines of "I'm driving". The phone GPS can be used to detect whether or not I'm driving.

I've seen plenty of apps that disable phone use when the GPS detects the user is driving. Instead of disabling the phone, I'd like it to redirect callers to a prerecorded message saying "I'm driving" and different from my voice mail default.


#1 ragnarkar, Jan 20, 2011
I found these 3 on cnet.com

SMSReplier Pro with DriveReply
PhonePlus Callback
Txt Msg Away Message

I haven't really read how they work so I don't know if they're what you're looking for but that's all I was able to find on a quick glance.
#2 Sweet Chaos, Jan 20, 2011
autoresponder on the market. It will auto reply to calls, texts or both. I love that app
#3 MyNamesTooLong, Jan 20, 2011
I have a tasker profile that, when the phone is in the car dock, replies to any received message with a simple "I am driving and I will get back to you etc. etc." message. It's convenient.
#4 berky93, Jan 20, 2011
Autoresponder is missing my required feature of GPS assisted detection of motion. Having to manually set one's status to "driving" each time before driving is unacceptable - one would not remember 100% of the time to change one's status.
#5 ragnarkar, Jan 20, 2011
Check out driving sms answering machine by warez my stuff, it has the gps option you are looking for but looks like there is no pre-recorded voice message. I was unable to find something that met that criteria
#6 Yeahha, Jan 20, 2011
Tasker is probably the easiest way to do this.
#7 disastar, Jan 21, 2011
So what happens when your stopped at a traffic light.....
#8 MarkHirt, Jan 21, 2011
Presumably if it works because it's in the dock, it's still in the dock at a traffic light.

ETA Yikes, SMSReplier Pro with DriveReply is one expensive little app! I've got Tasker, when I finally get my car dock I'll have to figure out how to do it with that!
#9 reinbeau, Jan 21, 2011
Be aware that frequent use of the GPS receiver will have an adverse effect on battery life. Determining if you're in motion or not at any given point in time would require very frequent use of the GPS receiver. Very long update intervals could help to offset some of the battery drain but each approach has drawbacks.

MarkHirt's question was in reference to the Autoresponder app and relying on GPS to determine if the device is in a moving vehicle, not Tasker and a car dock-based context. I'd suggest the latter approach, if possible.
#10 takeshi, Jan 21, 2011
just to play devils advocate....what if youre a passenger?
#11 skullshank, Jan 21, 2011
I think any app that used gps would fail at traffic lights, and it would kill battery life no doubt. The easiest way to go would be use an auto reply app that you have to turn on. If you can't remember to turn it on before you drive you are either lazy or extreemly forgetful.
#12 Yeahha, Jan 21, 2011
If its in the dock, I presume it draws power from the vehicle,
N'c'est pas?

On the subject of "car dock", what are we talking about here?
My HTC has the head-set conx and the USB conx on the bottom
edge. It could "dock" with something but I'm not aware of
anything. Of course it could also plug-plug-clamp dock too.
Are we talking about the former or the latter meaning of "dock?"

~~~ 0;-Dan
#13 saintdanbert, Oct 14, 2011
Why? What's the point? The only thing relevant to a caller is that you can't pick up the phone at that particular moment. Whatever the reason. And that's why you have voice mail.
Next you will want a call redirect with messages like 'I can't pick up the phone now because I'm asleep', 'I can't pick up the phone now because I'm taking a shower', 'I can't pick up the phone now because I'm taking a dump', 'I can't pick up the phone now because I'm changing diapers', 'I can't pick up the phone now because I'm roofing', etc. etc. All of which, however true, are irrelevant information for the callers!
#14 Wonderlad, Oct 14, 2011
Most of the chat and instant messaging applications have various categories of "go away" such as "Do Not Disturb" vs. "I'm Away" vs. "Invisible"
"I'm driving" is a different sort of not available as is "in a meeting" than
many folks will understand.

Regardless, if someone want 300 unique off-the-wall responders, that is their choice. As long as what they are doing is legal and socially acceptable to reasonable people, why do we care what someone wants to use it for?

~~~ 0;-Dan
#15 saintdanbert, Oct 17, 2011
DISCLAIMER -- If someone thinks this post is off topic, I'm sorry in advance. However, it feels relevant to me.
It sounds to me as if folks are looking for something that works like this.

Years ago I had a phone that had this "desktop app": Launch the app --> choose a named "profile" (or create a new one). Typical profiles were things like "Driving" "In Class" "In a Meeting" "Sleeping" and so on.

For each named "profile", you set ring tones and wallpaper and themes and all sorts of parameters. When a profile got selected, the associated settings took over until the "profile" changed.

"Profiles" also had date-time and duration settings. One could enter and leave a profile at a specific date and time, enter at some time for a specified time interval, or a profile would remain active for some interval whenever it became active. This last approach was wonderful: activate "In a Meeting" or "In Class" and it would automatically expire after the default duration.

Today, it might be nice if profile activation might be tied to other events besides date and time. For example, USB connection, Call-in-progress, Internet-Available, email or message waiting, battery-level, and so on.

Does this sort of profile-based settings manager exist for 'droid?
"Profiles" are much more than icons and color "theme" managers. Rather they reflect all sorts of details about how one wants to use the phone when this "profile" is active."

(blush) While I'm talking about this, I'd like a similar feature for my laptop and desktop computers, but that is a post for a different forum. (grin)

~~~ 0;-Dan
#16 saintdanbert, Oct 21, 2011
you have probably found what you were looking for by now but i use Lazy Car
#17 scabies, Oct 21, 2011