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Are these emulators safe to download?

I'm new so I can't post a link, but are the emulators from apps(DOT)tigerplay(DOT)info safe to download? Could anybody with really good anti virus try it? I don't have my android yet, but I'll be getting it later today and want to have some fun games to play.


#1 FrostyCubes, Feb 7, 2012
Don't go about that approach. Why don't you just list which systems you're looking to emulate and let the community lead you in the direction of the best emus. That's probably better.
#2 Ludikhris, Feb 7, 2012
Gameboid is good if you want to emulate gameboy advance.
#3 obsidianwings, Feb 7, 2012
I have the following emulators and all work fine:

GENplusDROID (sega megadrive/genisis)
#4 heartburnron, Feb 8, 2012
I would recommend you read the sticky thread: http://androidforums.com/android-games/376820-comprehensive-emulator-guide.html

It has a listing of emulators that are known to be trustworthy.
#5 jerofld, Feb 8, 2012