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General Are big bezels a big deal?

I really prefer the size of the Pixel 2, but it's hard to get over the size of the bezels. I like the physical size of the phone, but I wish the display was bigger. How do you feel about the bezels?


#1 Joe, Oct 9, 2017
I don't mind a small bezel, the sides of the Pixel 2 are fine. Top/bottom could be a little smaller though.
#2 kate, Oct 9, 2017
The Pixel XL is pretty annoying to me. Plus I am not used to the white front, which ads to it. Why couldn't they just use the same size bezel as the Pixel 2 XL on the Pixel 2?

I think it plays a pretty big factor in why most are leaning to the Pixel 2 XL rather then Pixel 2, even if they would prefer a smaller form factor.
#3 steve, Oct 9, 2017
Yeah, I actually don't like it when the side bezels are too thin. Makes it harder to hold. But the top and bottom need to be much smaller.
#4 Joe, Oct 9, 2017
If they had used the 2 XL design for both devices I'd probably have pre-ordered before they finished the presentation. And as I keep my phones longer than most here the idea of having an "old" design for several years does give me pause.

But against that I don't find devices with similar bezels intrinsically unattractive, and a proper black colour to the bezel rather than the rather meh grey of the first generation, plus having a speaker on it rather than just a blank space, does improve it. And the handling is good (based on first gen Pixel), and the bezels actually make it a little easier because the navigation buttons are a little higher - reaching my thumb across puts no strain on it, whereas across and down does.

So on balance, although I'd prefer a 2:1 display and smaller bezels, it's still a very practical design, and usability is the most important thing in a phone for me, which is the reason I'm not going to buy a 2XL (much as I like the panda version) because I know the best I can hope for with that size is that I'll find a way to tolerate it, whereas the smaller one will just fit my hands.

I admit I did have to think about that, and even try out a first gen XL and an iPhone 7+ to convince myself that I really couldn't handle the 2 XL, but the contrast between stretching across those vs the "just right" feel of the first gen Pixel was enough to convince me of that.
#5 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017 Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
While I was a big Nexus fan, I can't help but think the Pixel designs are a generation behind the rest of the mobile phone pack.

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "Man, look at the big bezels on that phone. I gotta get me some of that!" ;)
#6 lunatic59, Oct 9, 2017
I'm actually not a huge fan of smaller bezels I know people think its pretty but I prefer having something to hold my phone but I'm also not someone who prioritize the look of any of my gadgets so maybe I just don't get people who wants to use their phones as a fashion statement.
#7 Jhayzone, Oct 9, 2017
Ah, to hell with it: for the first time in my life I've pre-ordered a phone (black, 128GB, smaller model). Maybe rash, but if it means I can stop thinking about what I'm going to replace my aging phone with then that will be worthwhile in itself ;)

I've kept my current one going for 4.5 years, so the promise of 3 years' updates is attractive to me.
#8 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017

You'll love the Pixel (2) it's really all about the experience.
#9 shalemail, Oct 9, 2017
#10 steve, Oct 9, 2017
I'm so sick of the current obsession with "omg but the bezels" (just like "omg but the thickness" before it). How does an edge-to-edge screen (or paper-thin phone, for that matter) actually improve the experience? From my experience, the only meaningful impact is a phone that's hard to hold because you don't have anywhere to grip without registering touches on the digitizer.

I'll take a functional design with features I want over a design blindly chasing the latest trends any day.

I can't wait for my black 64GB Pixel 2 Shmedium to get here.
#11 codesplice, Oct 10, 2017
I like bezels. I find slabs of glass unattractive and having something to hold onto without touching the screen just makes sense.
#12 dontpanicbobby, Oct 11, 2017
Everyone has their own preference, but bezels are simply not a concern of mine. Fit in hand is most important to me, and I'm very happy they're continuing with a 5" model.
#13 JustinHEMI, Oct 12, 2017
Sadly, regarding the bolded, it seems that most reviews these days are based only on trends.
#14 JustinHEMI, Oct 12, 2017
:-D I don't have to wait, ordered Tuesday and received today (Thursday) (128GB black P II)

As for bezels would prefer smaller top/bottom but obviously not a deal breaker. Having to buy Apple to get tiny bezels = dealbreaker.
#15 pstroke, Oct 19, 2017 at 7:50 PM